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Anaplan Partner for your Planning journey

Anaplan Partner for your Planning journey

Combine Anaplan's connected planning expertise with Polestar Solutions' Analytics and AI expertise to create value across all functions!

Why Anaplan for your Enterprise Planning needs?

Designed for fast-growing and large companies, Anaplan is a connected planning platform for Finance, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, IT, and HR functions to pivot fast, remove uncertainty, and eliminate siloes.

Sales & Marketing Performance Management
  • Model Targets via driver-based methods for varying intersections of business
  • Link Long-Range Plan to Annual Operating Plan and Forecast
  • Reliable budgeting & forecasting to objectively plan Capex & Opex
  • P&L modeling on multi-level supply chain networks
  • Interactive supply-demand balancing and easy collaboration
  • Orchestrate agile demand management using market signals
  • Streamlined hiring & training ROI with a view on associated costs
  • Identify risks, predict employee churn and proactively manage vacancies
  • Gap analysis to identify skills gaps and optimize headcount & workforce mix
  • Robust incentive & compensation planning for the sales force
  • Analyze and forecast trends across territory, time-span & products/ services
  • Marketing spends and channel effectiveness trends and budget planning

Our Anaplan Services

Perform Anaplan Audit to understand process and functional gaps to analyze and optimize your models, architecture, and performance.

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Anaplan Audit

Support your People, Processes, and Technology with Data hub creation, dynamic configurations, dashboard creations, Anaplan Utilities, etc.

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Anaplan Support

With Polestar Solutions' expertise exemplify Anaplan's capabilities with Integration utilities, AI, ML, Business Intelligence, Data Management, and more.

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End User Trainings

Establish dedicated CoE with Anaplan to support your strategic and operations teams with best-in-class talent pool and planning capabilities.

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Anaplan COE
Struggling to realize your full planning potential?
  • Examine your current status quo and start planning for your needs
  • Leverage Anaplan “Connected Planning” capabilities
  • Get upto 324%* ROI for your planning investment
  • Improve your Anaplan integration and model capabilities
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Anaplan's Value Proposition
Scenario Modelling
Scenario Modelling

Solve even the most complicated business scenarios with Anaplan's patented Hyperblock® technology with low calculation time and advanced AI capabilities

User Experience
User Experience

Highly intuitive & responsive UX that's multi device accessible and highly customizable. Easily create your own pages, apps, boards, etc.

Real-time Insights
Real-time Insights

Share data in real-time under the same platform enabling flexible & faster decision making. Collaborate and plan seamlessly across devices.


Get Best-in-class security with Anaplan with role-based access, SSO, data encryption, SAML 2.0 compliance and more to protect your data.


Instead of worrying about changing your calculations, you can keep scaling your data in real-time as you go for the same models & calculations.

Intelligent Connectivity
Intelligent Connectivity

Not only leverage the ability to provide complex inputs, scenarios, recommendations, AI capabilities, etc. but also integrators and APIs

Anaplan Integrations with Polestar Solutions

Automate your workflow by leveraging the connectivity of Anaplan and our expertise to bring seamless integration capabilities with Anaplan. With our Integration plug-and-play tool you can have:
  • An Integration utility that runs scripts for imports and exports
  • Cloud and On-premise connectors
  • Easy-to-use UI
  • Multi-source connectivity and mapping
  • Security, Scalability, and Customization
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Polestar Solutions - Anaplan Strengths

120+ Global Anaplan Professionals
25+ Use cases across domains
Anaplan Strengths
Featured Partner Case Studies
Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan
Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan

The delivered Anaplan Solution helps the decision-makers to run multiple scenarios and opt for what's best for the business. Tasks like fluctuations across prices, customer mix, workers compensation, fuel costs, etc could be done by changing the values & drivers. All of it can be done within a single platform.

  • 100%

    Elimination of redundant processes and manual errors

  • (T-1)

    Variance reporting achieved with Anaplan

  • 80%

    Reduction in time taken for financial consolidation

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Optimized and Setup Anaplan Managed Support Services for a Global Consumer Durables Brand
Optimized and Setup Anaplan Managed Support Services for a Global Consumer Durables Brand

We optimized the existing S&OP practices to unlock a 20% improvement in forecasting accuracy and a whopping 40% reduction of the operational cost. We set up a mechanism for 8X7 Weekend support for the senior management while they access reports on weekends.

  • 20%

    Boost in model accuracy, revolutionizing top-level aggregated forecasts

  • 40%

    Cost reduction leading to efficient S&OP practices

  • 15-20%

    Optimized inventory levels leading to lesser obselet inventory

View Case study
Enabling Digital Transformation with Planning
In one of our use-case implementations, know how Polestar Solutions has designed a Financial Planning Solution which caters to the development, operation, & post-operation of a solar power plant. With this you can:
  • Input Details and Parameters in real-time
  • See costs across Project Timeline
  • Scenario based planning to view KPIs
  • Financial Statements for the proposed timelines
Why companies choose Polestar Solutions across domains?
  • Anaplan Bronze Partner
  • GTM, L1MB, L2MB, L3MB, TAW, Solution Architect Certified
  • Highly Qualified Practitioners
  • Largest Implementation practice in APAC
  • SMEs in Demand Planning, Supply Chain Planning, Workforce Planning, Financial and Sales Planning, Project Planning, Incentive & Compensation Management, S&OP, Contract Management, and many more
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Frequently Asked Questions

Anaplan is an EPM software used for having Connected Planning across the entire organization. It offers dynamic, collaborative, and intelligent planning across all areas of an organization including but not limited to Finance, HR, Sales, Supply Chain, and Operations.

Anaplan Key features include a collaborative end-user experience, Extensions for Google and Microsoft suite, Embedded Intelligence, cutting-edge predictive algorithms, evolving AI/ML Capabilities, Powerful planning and modeling, an Extensible ecosystem, and Robust security.

Anaplan can integrate with multiple data sources through Manual, Automated, Programmatic Integration, and Anaplan’s HyperConnect. Use connectors to link with Major ETL partners including - MuleSoft, Informatica, SnapLogic, Boomi, etc., or with APIs for custom integrations.

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