Sales & Marketing
    Create value-led sales and marketing strategies

    From customer acquisition analytics, cross-sell and up-sell analytics to deploying advanced techniques and AI algorithms like k-means, multi-variate regression for segmentation and forecasting - take advantage of your data! Create data-driven strategies suited to your specific needs

    • Improved Customer Experience
      Improved Customer Experience
      83% of companies agree that using data and predictive analytics to improve the customer experience
    • Revenue Uplift and ROI
      Revenue Uplift and ROI
      Players that invest in AI are seeing a revenue uplift of 3 to 15 percent and a sales ROI uplift of 10 to 20 percent.
    • Increased data reliance and confidence
      Increased data reliance & confidence
      Only 45% Marketing leaders are completely confident in their data accuracy
    Truly understand your sales efforts and marketing influence with the power of AI & ML
    • CPG
    • Retail
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Pharma
    • Manufacturing

    Meet market demand with granular predictions, ensuring availability across channels, and utilizing real-time data to make informed decisions

    • Launch targeted promotions for stores with pin-point predictions
    • Create a culture of S&OP to ensure seamless collaboration
    • Guarantee product availability across channels & building loyalty
    • Predict customer needs and allocate resources effectively
    Find resolutions to the multi-faceted challenges of the consumer goods industry

    Leverage point-of sale, marketing, web, social-media and loyalty data to make informed decisions about pricing, promotions and assortment management

    • Unearth buzz with trend forecasting algorithms and sentiment
    • Decide optimal pricing, sales promotions, & targeted markdowns
    • Implement efficient inventory allocation and assortment strategies
    Master the art of listing and delisting for optimized stock levels and balancing business constraints

    From a persisting premiumization to growth in e-commerce and DTC channels, increasing RTD segment growth, and more make data your drinking buddy

    • Keep a track of profit margins based on your sales movements
    • From trade lifts to volume share changes analyze your promotions
    • Track outlet coverages & efficiency with distribution tree analysis
    • Analyze brand, equity, distribution, and media performance
    Evaluate how your sales strategies impact your commercial KPIs and know what to track
    Alcoholic Beverages

    Move beyond just descriptive analytics by combining internal, sales representative, practitioner, market, patient, & drug sales data with deeper intelligence & AI models

    • Allocate budgets across channels with right marketing mix & effective drug sales forecasting
    • Segment your customers, analyze their churn and sentiment
    • Analyze generic erosion impact, prescribing behavior, awareness, etc.
    Know how visible the effects of sales force effectiveness can be from demand forecasting to ROI

    To ensure OTIF and create the best customer experience by combining forecasting, classification, pricing, and scoring data

    • Develop competitive pricing models that consider production costs, market value, and customer needs
    • Build and track your customer satisfaction levels for long-term
    • Maximize sales & margins by personalizing pricing and promotions
    Hop on to the brandwagon to get an idea about the KPIs and pillars of improving sales with data
    Deliver efficiency, streamline distribution, and enhance customer experiences with our expertise
    25 CSAT Points

    increased in distribution satisfaction score (scale of 100)

    8.2 Lacs

    man hours saved annualy


    visibility into BTL and ATL activities, reporting, financials, trade investments, and A&P spending.

    Maximize Effectiveness
    Pricing Analytics Guide for Product Brands: Maximize Effectiveness

    From the significance of pricing analytics to crafting effective pricing strategy and mastering pricing with CPG analytics techniques, don't miss out on this enlightening resource!

    Featured insights

    Based on customer needs, we apply a range of methods and techniques like Customer Segmentation, Predictive Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), A/B Testing, Funnel Analysis, Social Media Analytics, Email Marketing Analytics, ROI (Return on Investment) Analysis, Sales Forecasting, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Analysis, Market Basket Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Heat Maps and Click Tracking, Sentiment Analysis, etc.

    Some of the data sources we can integrate and transform for analytics include: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems, Marketing Automation Platforms, Website and App Analytics, Social Media Platforms, Email Marketing Platforms, Sales Data, Customer Feedback and Surveys, Market Research Data, Customer Support and Service Data, E-commerce Platforms, Supply Chain and Inventory Systems, Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems, Call Center Data, Third-Party Data Providers, IoT Devices and Sensors, Financial Systems, Surveillance and Location Data.

    After the advent of Generative AI, Artificial Intelligence as a whole is seeing an accelerated increase in adoption and utilization especially in terms of automation and content. There are many benefits that are being realized in terms of Lead identification, personalized outreach with chatbots and virtual assistants, sales analytics with predictive pricing, continuous churn modelling, and more.

    To measure the success of specific sales and marketing goals, we will help you track your sales performance metrics like conversion rates and customer lifetime value to assess your sales funnel's health while monitor marketing campaign performance and customer engagement to identify the channels generating qualified leads and driving sales.

    Polestar personalizes your customer journey by leveraging data analytics solutions. We help you analyze data to craft targeted messages, optimize website elements, and identify the best lead-generating channels. Plus, we use feedback to address customer pain points, boosting sales through loyalty and repeat business.

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