Google Cloud
    Why Google Cloud Platform

    GCP is a cutting-edge cloud computing solution that empowers enterprises to unlock the full potential of their data. With its robust suite of services, including BigQuery for data warehousing, Dataflow for data processing, and AI and machine learning tools, GCP enables us to provide our clients with scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions tailored to their unique needs.

    Google Cloud Platform
    • BigQuery provides support for 50+ distinct SQL dialects across multiple cloud platforms.
    • Enables seamless data analysis and visualization regardless of cloud choice, enhancing flexibility.
    • Achieve a cost reduction of 26%-34% in total ownership cost over a 3-year period.
    • Run 15,000 Node Clusters, a 10X capacity compared to other solutions, ensuring scalable performance.
    • Integrate with Google Workspace for enhanced collaboration and productivity.
    • Facilitates seamless data sharing and analysis within a familiar environment.
    • Benefit from a substantial $10 billion investment in security over the next 5 years.
    • Ensures data protection and compliance, building trust in the platform's security measures.
    • Save up to 57% on workloads by paying only for the resources you use.
    • Choose from a range of instance sizes, including the largest with 3.75 TB RAM, enhancing performance options.
    Architecting a Scalable and Robust Solution on Google Cloud Platform
    Architecting Google Cloud Platform
    Empowering with Polestar's + GCP Data and Analytics Expertise
    • Data Lake Automation
    • Data Engineering
    • ML Modelling
    • Future-Ready Architecture

    Seamlessly automate the management and optimization of your data lake, ensuring scalability and efficiency.

    • Streamline data management through automated processes within Google Cloud.
    • Build and manage data lakes and warehouses efficiently for improved insights.
    • We assist you in implementing GCP DevOps that helps you Build and deploy scalable containerized apps; no matter which language (including Python, Java, or even Node.js).
    Data Lake Automation

    Craft data pipelines tailored to your specific needs, streamlining the flow of information for actionable insights.

    • Establish efficient data pipelines within Google Cloud Dataflow snapshots for smooth data flow.
    • Automate data ingestion, transformation, and distribution for timely insights using Apache Beam SDK.
    • Enable data-driven decision-making with reliable and structured data flows with Dataflow API.
    Data Engineering

    Leverage advanced machine learning models to extract valuable insights and drive informed decision-making.

    • Unlock insights from vast unstructured data using Tensor Flow and Tensorflow Lite.
    • Develop custom ML models to interpret unstructured data at scale.
    • Leverage AI capabilities to derive meaningful patterns and insights from large volumes of data.
    ML Modelling

    Build a resilient and scalable architecture that anticipates future data challenges, ensuring long-term success.

    • Modernize data infrastructure for seamless batch and streaming data processing.
    • Build an architecture that takes advantage of Google's Cloud and scales effortlessly with a large storage capacity.
    • Connect data seamlessly through API connectivity, ensuring data accessibility and integration.
    Future-Ready Architecture
    GCP's Cloud-Powered Excellence
    Benefits that you can look forward to
    • Reduce Time to Insights
    • Real-time Data Streaming
    • Scalable Data Processing
    • Serverless Data Warehousing
    • Custom and predefined machine types
    • Cost Optimization
    Transform your Data Storage and Analytics arsenal with the power of GCP

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