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Enterprise performance management

Enterprise performance management

Discover how Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions streamline financial close, planning, and workforce planning with on-demand access to information.

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Today's volatile and competitive market environment requires organizations to transition from legacy traditional planning to modern EPM solutions. Use Enterprise Planning to gain an understanding of the past and define strategies to plan for a data-driven future and measure performance with real-time data.

Combine robust financial budgeting and forecasting with sales and supply chain to have collaborative modeling of data. We bring the experience and expertise of business intelligence and analytics technology, design of dashboards, and flexible frameworks catering to different domains & industries to offer a complete solution for your enterprise.

Connect all your teams for powerful planning

powerful planning

Our Expertise in EPM Services

01 Business Planning and Budgeting

Fully utilizing our strong industry experiences, we provide tailored consulting services to our corporate clients to streamline their planning & budgeting processes. Our services include:

  • Annual Target measurement
  • Objective Analysis
  • Demand Planning
  • Budget Analysis
  • Budget management system implementation
02 Business Analysis And Management Report

In recent years, swiftly growing mid and large-sized enterprises demand timely analysis and reporting of business health to support the decision-making. We employ leading technologies to deliver:

  • Forecasting models
  • Intelligent Data modeling
  • Insightful Management Report consulting
  • Agile system platform
  • Business Intelligence integration
03 Strategy Management

Helps you in defining what are the important measures at different levels of the organization against which you should track performance and risk with:

  • Scenario-Based Planning
  • Value-driver Mapping
  • Planning based on Business Model
  • Performance measurement and monitoring
04 Profitability and Cost Management

Evaluate the most and least profitable products, customers, and channels to determine the true contributors and detractors by analyzing the financial performance and evaluate data with:

  • A Predictive Cost Analysis
  • Resource Optimization
  • Service portfolio analysis
  • Production volume-based resource utilization

Client Success Stories

Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan
Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan

The delivered Anaplan Solution helps the decision-makers to run multiple scenarios and opt for what’s best for the business. Tasks like fluctuations across prices, customer mix, workers compensation, fuel costs, etc could be done by changing the values & drivers. All of it can be done within a single platform.

Optimized and Setup Anaplan Managed Support Services for a Global Consumer Durables Brand
Optimized and Setup Anaplan Managed Support Services for a Global Consumer Durables Brand

We optimized the existing S&OP practices to unlock a 20% improvement in forecasting accuracy and a whopping 40% reduction of the operational cost. We set up a mechanism for 8X7 Weekend support for the senior management while they access reports on weekends.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise Performance Management is a process that helps organizations plan, budget, forecast, and report business performance and create systems in place to connect its strategy with planning and execution to monitor performance measures (KPIs), provide analysis, and manage reporting.

The benefits of an Enterprise Performance Management or an EPM include the connected planning approach to integrate HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Operations for a data-driven approach and to make decisions with a scenario-based planning approach.

The advantage of having an EPM is that you can integrate data from multiple sources into one platform and use the data to make connected decisions. For example, with Anaplan , you can integrate data with Connectors, APIs, Anaplan Hyperconnect, etc. for seamless integration.

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