Polestar ignites success through Qlik-driven advanced reporting for an Automotive giant

    Develop newer business solutions rapidly to lead in the dynamic world of mobility

    • Accelerated data delivery, optimized performance, automated analytics, & more
    • 100% Elimination of manual data reconciliation
    • 400+ Increased adoption rate
    • 380+ Excel spreadsheets replaced
    Discover how we're revving Automotive Solutions into high gear for changing customer expectations
    • Product Lifecycle Management
    • Supply Chain Optimization
    • Transportation & Distribution
    • Procurement Analytics
    • Quality Control & Assurance

    Managing the entire lifecycle of automotive products from conceptualization to disposal for improved collaboration and efficiency.

    • Capture, collaborate and maintain requirements across organizations and suppliers
    • Optimize component delivery and inventory management for efficient production
    • Version Control and Change Management
    • Lifecycle cost analysis for profit optimization
    A 360° data strategy to ensure all components of your business machinery are moving in tandem
    Product Lifecycle Management

    Enhancing the automotive supply chain for increased resilience, cost-efficiency, and responsiveness.

    • Real-time Visibility Across the Supply Chain
    • Implementing lean inventory practices
    • Robust supplier relationship management
    • Predictive analytics for Demand Forecasting
    Chart your course towards an innovative and efficient supply chain future
    Supply Chain Optimization

    Optimizing the automotive logistics network for efficient and timely product delivery.

    • Route Optimization for Cost Reduction
    • Real-time Tracking and Visibility with SCCT
    • Integration of Autonomous Vehicles for Efficiency
    • Environmental Impact Assessment in Transportation Choices
    Explore the world of Supply Chain Control Tower, shed light on how innovative solutions can transform your SCM.
    Transportation & Distribution

    Leveraging data analytics for informed decision-making in the procurement process.

    • Cost-benefit analysis for supplier selection
    • Risk mitigation through supplier performance metrics
    • Purchasing and order management
    • Strategic category management of spend
    Leverage the power of your procurement analytics across S2P cycle to make better business decisions.
    Procurement Analytics

    Ensure real-time monitoring, predictive defect prevention, and supplier quality assurance for unparalleled product excellence

    • Consolidate IoT Sensor data from production, processing and packaging lines to assess line efficiency
    • Leverage the power of Machine Learning algorithms to predict equipment failures
    • Minimize downtime costs with predictive maintenance
    Navigate how we've helped a Electrical equipment company optimize data storage & automate reporting with Power BI.
    Operations Modernization
    Drive Certainty into your Automotive Data Analytics

    Every aspect, from deployment to support, within the Automotive industry is intricately intertwined with data, offering a an opportunity to accumulate huge amounts of information. Discover with answers to:

    • How to put Analytics in the driving seat
    • Enabling data strategy for your Automotive setup
    • Streamlining analytics across automotive value chain
    Drive Certainty into your Automotive Data Analytics
    How can we help you manage complexities

    Navigating the intricate landscape of the automotive industry demands more than just routine management-it demands more of strategic planning, relentless innovation, and unwavering adaptability.

    We helped resolve some of the challenges like:

    • Accelerated innovations in production with Smart Manufacturing
    • Enhanced order fulfillment & fleet tracking via control towers
    • Integrated data and easily uncovered insights
    • 365 days of daily forecasting
    50% Increase in conversion rates
    62% Improvement in data integration efficiency
    40% Enhancement in the ETL process efficiency
    80% Reduction in error rates
    Polestar's Accelerators
    Integrate FP&A to create comprehensive plans

    AI in Manufacturing
    • Anticipating market demand and evaluating distributor performance
    • Predictive maintenance for identifying faults in auto parts
    • Analyzing unstructured machine data for valuable insights
    Featured insights

    Data analytics revolutionizes production processes by leveraging data from different manufacturing stages. By analyzing this data, businesses uncover inefficiencies, enhance productivity, trim costs, and refine overall efficiency. Through data-driven insights, organizations can make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

    By analyzing data from sources such as sales records, customer feedback, and market trends, automotive companies can gain insights into customer preferences regarding vehicle features, pricing, and purchasing behavior. This information is invaluable for product development and marketing strategies.

    Data analytics enable targeted marketing campaigns based on customer segmentation, purchasing behaviors, and preferences. By analyzing data from various sources, such as social media, website traffic, and CRM systems, automakers can personalize marketing messages, optimize advertising spend, and enhance the customer journey from awareness to purchase.

    Polestar's analytics expertise gives you a crucial advantage in the ever-changing automotive industry. By integrating IoT data with customer feedback, we craft a strong data strategy for deep insights. With services like cloud migration, AI integration, and machine learning, we assist you redefine the automotive manufacturing and customer experience, enabling automakers to excel in efficiency, innovation, and market leadership.

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