Automate, orchestrate, and improve data management & access across teams with Microsoft

    Reduction in queries raised to technical staff


    Reduction in system downtime with re-runnable scripts


    Reduction in time for visibility of sales numbers

    How we unlock new possibilities, drive success, and empower businesses with Microsoft's innovation suite
    • Fabric
    • Azure
    • Power Apps
    • Co-Pilot

    Rethink how you enter the era of AI with Microsoft Fabric. Accelerate your data culture with a one-stop solution.

    • AI-powered capabilities to connect your cloud and analytics
    • Manage all your data from a single hub indexed for searchability, governance, and compliance with OneLake
    • Make your ETL code free and autonomous
    • Create predictive models at scale and connect with dashboards
    • Monitor in real-time and create reports & insights
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    Microsoft Fabric

    Migrate to the leading architecture and cloud computing platform for unparalleled security, innovation, and speed.

    • Move your SQL or Windows server to Azure with few changes
    • Minimize disruption with cost-effective backup
    • Deploy and build your own AI solutions with cost-efficient development, provisioning, and Co-pilot
    • Leverage Azure AI & Azure Cosmos DB for higher performance
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    Microsoft Azure

    Cut costs and efforts with low-code and no-code tools to automate and build faster. Manage apps, workflows and tools.

    • Bring Microsoft Dataverse to your workspace by creating integrated solutions with Microsoft Power apps.
    • Focus on high-value tasks by automating repetitive tasks with Power Automate & Power Platform
    • Create visually stunning real-time reports with Power BI
    • Integrate Power BI with Microsoft Teams and other apps
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    Microsoft Power Apps

    Power your applications and workflows with LLMs, generative AI, and large scale AI models with Azure OpenAI & Co-pilot.

    • Leverage pre-trained foundational AI models to be fine-tuned with your data and insights
    • Gain the advantage of GPT4, Codex, DALL-E, etc.
    • Adapt models to train for your needs with RestAPIs
    • Get assistance across a variety of use cases like code generation, writing, reasoning, etc.
    Get Co-pilot applications
    Microsoft Co-Pilot
    For seamless Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Intelligence with the same tools
    Power BI
    Power BI

    Get the best implementation partners with a pool of 250+ Microsoft Experts

    Bring an easy-to-use AI-powered reporting experience with an interface with low-learning curve to your workflows with Power BI for accessible insights

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    Generative AI
    Generative AI

    Boost operational productivity and efficiency to optimize performance

    Connect to popular GenAI services like OpenAI, Google AI, and others with just a few clicks. No extensive coding knowledge required. Pre-built and pre-trained templates

    Know about our GenAI services
    Polestar Data Nexus
    Polestar Data Nexus

    Explore the full spectrum of data, from management to analysis

    A plug-n-play ready to go solution that just needs to be integrated with your data for superior performance and adoption. Leverage Azure Data Factory, Data Lake, Synapse, Power BI, and more directly.

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    Accelerate AI & Cloud Adoption With Azure Synapse

    Get the best of both worlds for relational and non-relational data by combining the power of SQL for warehousing and Apache Spark & Data Explorer for big data analytics. Scale for limitless analytics with:

    • A unified data experience
    • AI & ML cognitive services
    • Low-code data integration
    • Access to everything from data prep to AI
    • Optimize queries in minutes
    Azure Synapse
    98% Accuracy in deployment
    Azure Synapse
    40% Reduction in operational expense
    Azure Synapse
    95% Reduction in reporting TAT
    Azure Synapse
    67% Increase in sales productivity
    Featured insights

    Microsoft Fabric offers a one-stop shop for data analysis, streamlining operations and boosting insights. Its AI-powered, lake-centric platform simplifies workflows, cuts costs, and empowers users, all while securing your data and scaling seamlessly.

    Power Apps lets you automate workflows without code, connecting apps and services. Think notifications, data updates, and triggered actions, all streamlined and personalized for your business needs. It's like building a robot butler for your data and processes.

    Microsoft co-pilot has a three-fold benefit improving the productivity at individual, team ,and enterprise levels. At individual level it can improve data analysis, enhance document creation, etc. At team level, it can streamline collaboration, improve knowledge sharing, reduce meeting time, tc. And at an enterprise level, it can enhance innovation, reduce overall operational costs, and streamline communication.

    It can be integrated with Word, PPT, Outlook, Teams, Excel, and custom applications with the help of APIS to help with your everyday tasks in your everyday workflow.

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