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Prompt Engineering

Prompt Engineering - Database query with Generative AI embedded to MS Teams

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Business impact
  • 68% reduction in queries raised for prompts to technical staff
  • 80% felt improved accessibility
  • 43% reduction in errors associated with manual SQL writing
Project Timeline
  • Ongoing

Industry: Global Service Conglomerate

Client: Analytics and digital solutions company

Problem Statement

Organizations face a significant challenge when stakeholders, particularly those without extensive technical expertise, attempt to retrieve specific information such as attrition numbers or headcount for a particular department from the database.

To solve this, the client was looking for a solution based out of Generative AI/LLM that can help even non-technical stakeholders to get their queries answer without being time-consuming, technical, and error prone. This would also help save valuable time of technical personnel reducing inefficiencies and disruptions.

Challenges faced

Due to the multifaceted nature of this process, retrieving data from a database from the end user usually meets with some challenges like:

  • Need to understand the complex database schema
  • Knowing how to join multiple tables to retrieve relevant data
  • Writing SQL queries to extract the desired information
  • Lack of time from limited technical personnel
Solution Areas

We leveraged the natural language processing capabilities of Generative AI/LLM tools to create a tool that not only understands the prompts by the end user but also generates the right result. Some of the key feature areas of the solution are:

  • Direct integration into MS Teams making it simple and versatile in usage
  • Generated data, tables, and plots in real-time in accordance with the user query
  • Takes advantage of the better privacy and security protections included in API offerings (as compared to the end-user applications)

Tech Stack

  • Power Automate
  • Azure OpenAI
  • Azure DevOps
  • Chat GPT
  • MS Teams

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