Building Material
    Start small with focused analysis, then scale your insights

    Rapidly identify and address root causes of inefficiencies. Improve resource management and use spend analysis to procure better.

    • Refine manufacturing with (YET) Yield, energy, & throughput analytics for a better tomorrow.
    • 10-20% Reduction in transportation costs
    • 70-80% Reduction in time taken for report generation
    • 23% Improvement in inventory turnover
    Enhance the productivity of plants and machinery via reduced and predicted maintenance activities & downtimes.
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Quality Control & Optimization
    • Demand Forecasting
    • Financial Analysis
    • Operations Optimization
    • ICM & Workforce Optimization

    Predict the machinery downtime to avoid any disruptions and accumulate saved time and effort with planned downtime

    • Optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • Master production scheduling
    • Enhanced Preventive maintenance
    • Central monitoring and diagnosis at fingertips
    Know how you can have a gradual AI transformation starting from descriptive analytics to self aware AI
    Predictive Maintenance

    We can help you analyze data from various stages of the production process, including raw materials, grinding, and kiln operations.

    • Enhanced real-time quality monitoring
    • Make adjustments to optimize the process
    • Ensure consistent quality but also reduces waste and production costs.
    Unraveling the intricate threads that weave AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science together
    Quality Control & Optimization

    We assist you in analyzing historical sales data, market trends, and external factors like construction activity to predict future demand with greater accuracy.

    • Predict future material demand with greater accuracy
    • Increase inventory turnover with with faster produce to sale cycle
    • Avoid Holding excess inventory only stocking the materials you actually need.
    Ride the Sales analytics bandwagon by building a roadmap to future-fit sales analytics
    Demand Forecasting

    Building a data-centric future for finance in the construction sector.

    • Analyze historical data to understand trends and optimize pricing
    • FP&A for analyzing operational data to identify inefficiencies and hidden costs
    • Manage risk with insights on future demand, cost structures, and market trends
    Excel - not just sustain in your financial & business plans by creating plans that are adaptive to change
    Financial Analysis

    Optimizing building material operations through data-driven insights.

    • Get accurate forecasts to create a realistic production schedule.
    • Inventory cost analysis for calculating the optimal order quantity.
    • Real-time data monitoring to identify gap and improve consistency.
    Confront the consequences of neglecting pricing and master pricing with analytics techniques
    Operations Optimization

    Craft data-driven incentive plans that are laser-focused on achieving your business objectives and optimize performance

    • Minimize idle hours and maximize service coverage
    • More robust and clear Spiffs for actively managing targets
    • Equip your team with real-time dashboards and scorecards
    100% visibility of both BTL & ATL activities, reporting, financial, trade investments and A&P spend
    ICM & Workforce Optimization
    Leverage Our Building Materials Analytics Expertise Today!

    Increase profitability through better utilization of production facility and improved inventory turnover. Check out our detailed scorecards and dashboards on:

    • Sales Command Center
    • Inventory & Logistics
    • Production
    • Procurement Dashboard: Supplier Scorecard
    building materials
    Turn your data into information and then tell the story.

    Information is widely available but all often organizations are not able to find, manage access, and analyze it.

    We help you in building Data Assets by bringing together various data sources into insightful data products like -

    • Demand Forecasting, Automation, & Trade Promotion
    • MDM for a smoother data accessibility
    • Secondary Claims simplified with ICM
    • Automated planning for customer segmentation, S&OP, financial, and volume planning
    Building Material
    15% Optimized Inventory Management
    Building Material
    10% Improved Production Efficiency
    Building Material
    8% Reduced Material Defects
    Polestar's Accelerators
    Supply Chain Control Tower
    Bring in Supply Chain control tower capabilities for better visibility

    Supply Chain Control Tower
    • Bring in Supply Chain control tower capabilities for better visibility
    • Improved data flow across suppliers, manufacturers, transporters, warehouses, retailers, and logistics
    • For better risk assessment and cost reduction with easier collaboration
    Featured insights

    Polestar can assist in digital twins tech as your AI and Data analytics partner. Leverage our data & AI to simulate scenarios, optimize processes, and predict issues for minimized downtime.

    We tailor ML models for your building material needs, from anomaly detection to predicting equipment issues, using your data expertise for optimized operations.

    Polestar bridges the gap between BIM and analytics. We unlock data insights to optimize resource allocation, predict timelines, and empower data-driven construction decisions.

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