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Retail Analytics Solutions

Retail Analytics Solutions

Discover how retail analytics can provide valuable insights on your inventory, sales, and consumer behavior.

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Get End-to-End Retail Analytics Solutions at each stage of the Value Chain

In an age where shoppers have ample access to information for extracting maximum value for their spending, Polestar Solutions retail analytics services can give you an edge in the shelf-wars. Our team of industry analysts reinvigorates retailers with cutting-edge analytics insights and data-backed strategies to address their most pressing challenges.

01 Merchandising & Assortment Planning

  • Market clustering/localization
  • Assortment planning & Optimization
  • Aggregate merchandize buying decision
  • Customer – Product affinity scoring

02 Pricing and Promotions

  • Optimize trade spends across categories in the portfolio
  • Identify key brands whose promotions are helping in category growth
  • Define pricing strategies for own / store brand

03 Customer Analytics

  • Identify new and profitable customers
  • Expand customer base with improved targeting and reduced CAC
  • Map customer journeys for better retention and CLTV
  • Deliver bottom line impact with better cross-sell and upsell opportunities

04 Inventory & Supply chain

  • Demand/sales forecasting
  • Inventory optimization
  • Store-level Out-of-stock vs service level analysis
  • Route and shipment scheduling / optimization
  • Replenishment planning analytics
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Evaluating the effect of operational efforts and marketing on in-store sales is complex. Not only has consumer behavior altered, but the retail setting has also speedily advanced. So, by implementing analytics solutions, retailers can answer key questions, such as

With our analytics consulting services you can get an overview of how many people visit your store, your busiest periods, and other pertinent information about your visitors.

Our analytics services can help you to discover what products and categories are resonating buyers, so you can target your marketing and maximize margins.

With our retail data analytics solution you can identify highest value clients, top performing salespeople and most popular and profitable product categories.

Our Services For The Retail Industry

Business Intelligence And Visualization

Business Intelligence And Visualization

Business Intelligence and Visualization solutions help you measure and track your business goals, KPIs and quantifiable metrics. With our customizable dashboards you will be well on your way in your self-service BI journey through Sales Analysis, Customer Analysis, Operational Analysis, Marketing Analysis, and Marketing ROI, Category/Merchandise Management and much more.

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Retail Data Analytics

Retail Data Analytics

Retail analytics is a powerful tool that enables retailers to gain valuable insights into their inventory levels, supply chain movement, consumer demand, and sales. By leveraging advanced data analytics techniques, retailers can make informed marketing and procurement decisions, and stay ahead of their competition. With retail analytics, businesses can identify trends, optimize their operations, and improve customer satisfaction, ultimately driving growth and profitability.

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Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Omnichannel Retail Strategy

We take a customer-driven approach to omnichannel strategy design, drawing on our proprietary consumer research techniques and world-class personalization data-science capabilities to support data-driven sales and omnichannel growth strategies. Our approach to omnichannel retail offers a holistic view that allows clients to attribute, track, and measure the value of investments across all channels.

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Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management

Connect all the data in a single platform to create winning plans & track performance like- Optimized budget allocation, workforce planning, and sales forecast to tackle uncertainties. Organizations can manage trade and marketing spend and gauge effectiveness accurately to drive the budgetary decisions for the future. Effectively manage the supply chain for assortment planning and sourcing decisions.

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Client Success Stories
Airport Concessionaire Optimizes
Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView

For our extra-ordinary implementation effort and extensive support - Polestar was awarded the Best vendor by the group.

The QlikView implementation provided has been so effective that they are contemplating extending it to other functions like Aero, Cargo, SPG & Operations.

  • 3X

    User adoption

  • 98%

    improvement in system performance

  • 2.4M

    Overall saving in operational expense

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HCL Infosystem Revolutionizes
HCL Infosystem Revolutionizes the Decision Making Process with Qlik Sense

HCL Infosystems is one of India's premier IT Services, Distribution and Digital Solutions Company providing the choice of multi-brand technology products and best-in-class IT services

  • 240

    Man-months of Savings by Automating Data Prep

  • $0.5M

    increase in pipeline value due to visibility into lost sales

  • 80%

    of staff accessed the operational systems on their Mobile devices now - Enhanced usability

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MSBI and Power BI
Streamline sales data collection and Reporting system with MSBI and Power BI

Fastest growing food delivery brand in India revamped their sales analytics application to decrease the reporting TAT.

  • 90%

    Reduction in Sales Reports processing time

  • 2230

    Daily reduction in number of man hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Analytics in Retail or commonly known as Retail Analytics leverages big data across multiple data sources like PoS Systems, Sales Data, Geographic Data, Inventory Data, etc. to identify patterns, trends, associations, benchmarks, and more to help with:

  • Price Optimization
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply chain movements
  • Customer acquisition and loyalty, etc.

With experts having technical, technological, and Retail industry expertise, Polestar Solutions emerges as one of the best partners for your Data Analytics needs and implementation. With our detailed Data Discovery Workshop, we believe in a customer-centric approach to identifying the solutions and choosing the further roadmap based on futuristic needs.

Data Analytics in Retail consists of some complex Machine Learning and AI. Some of the use cases are:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Assortment Optimization
  • SKU allocation and rationalization
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Risk Management
  • Demand Forecasting

Retailers can use big data analytics to make use of reporting and analytics to gain insights into inventory management and operational efficiency easily. With proper analysis, you can gain insights into Demand Prediction, Replenishment Optimization, Stockout prevention, faster recalls, Fulfillment optimization, and increase customer satisfaction.

With Big Data analytics supply chain can be optimized for sourcing, production, warehousing, transportation, and distribution. With Retail analytics, you can optimize your inventory planning, forecast accurately, scenario planning, quality control, fraud detection, and cost modeling.

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Siddharth Poddar
Siddharth Poddar

SVP & Industry Head - Retail

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