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Make data-driven decisions. Ensure Maximum Customer Satisfaction

The Real Estate Industry is steadily recognizing the need to be consumer-centric. And with Real Estate companies having more data touchpoints, harnessing the data such as customer insights and hyper-locational patterns will help organizations to make informed decisions that can be further combined with human intuition and interpretation. Are you using your data and technology to provide the following? If not, we can help you.

01 Investment Decisions

Make better investment decisions by understanding the hyperlocal patterns in the data by the use of advanced analytics. With location-specific land-use data combined with the macro and micro market trends, evaluate Real estate properties to make data driven decisions.

  • Mitigate Risks
  • Technical due-diligence
  • Valuation for lands, buildings, and apartment
  • Asset Mix modelling
  • Commercial real estate valuation
  • Cluster Analysis based on land-use data
  • What-If scenarios

02 Vendor Management Solutions

Maximize returns by optimizing capital costs, providing streamlined operations of services, and accelerated project delivery by managing the vendors and tracking all the activities. Use techniques like advanced analytics for bundling services and managing vendors.

  • Marketing and Pre-Sales tracker
  • Lead Management Funnel
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Agent Productivity
  • Manage purchase cycles
  • Regulatory & Documentation Management
  • Subcontractor management

03 Property Management Solutions

With customer expectations increasingly growing and their behavior moving more towards virtual visits, all this combined with the increase of serviced apartments, there is a need to provide the best customer experience for both landlord and tenant.

  • Marketing Effectiveness tools
  • Paperless Agreements
  • Manage Multiple assets
  • Live inventory tracking
  • Rent Analytics
  • Assisted Property Services like Packers and Movers
  • Common Area Maintenance

04 Cloud-Based Solutions

With an ever-growing demand for connectivity increasing in real estate solutions, produces a lot of data that needs to be stored and managed before turning them into insights and this is where data management is important. Either cloud-based Connected Planning tools or having Data management tools like a data warehouse or lake is important.

  • Connected Planning
  • Data warehouse and Data Lake
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Data Security

Leverage our services to solve key real estate challenges

We help our real estate clientele to unlock their technology potential with end-to-end collaboration, with tools from data management to handle the cloud data to Visualization of KPIs we can help you solve problems.

In making the customers find the right property, everything is very vital to all the stakeholders-the real estate companies, the homeowners, and the tenants. Our expertise can help you with finding the right mix of the size of the flats.

Create personalized applications for various properties to handle inventory and also have an end-to-end solution platform for the tenants while maintaining data on customer satisfaction.

Visualize all the marketing efforts in funnels with powerful business intelligence tools to identify the different channels that need work on or to identify the best partnering agencies.

Our Services For The Real Estate Industry

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Visualize key performance indicators to have robust planning and make data-driven decisions with real-time data like Marketing leads in the funnel or NPS score or CSAT to decide on the parameters of improvement.

Start Visualizing your data
Cloud Data Management
Cloud Data Management

Robust manufacturing data management and governance is the first step towards a data-first culture. We deliver custom-fit solutions to account for your immediate and future data storage requirements.

Manage your data effectively
Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Customer data touch points increasing every day. However, it only stays in silos, thereby limiting its utility. Our experts help you unlock the true potential of your data with near-real-time insights.

Analyze your data
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics

Leverage your data to make predictions of maintenance expenses, tenant demand, occupancy by examining past data. The output is futuristic recommendations for business needs.

Deep dive into your data
Client Success Stories
Financial Budgeting on Anaplan for India’s Largest Commercial Real Estate Developer
Financial Budgeting on Anaplan for India’s Largest Commercial Real Estate Developer

Our team designed and delivered a complete Project Budgeting workflow into Anaplan, along with building a 'What if' analysis for to draw a conclusive correlation between direct and indirect cost drivers. Further, we delivered an investor dashboard to keep a tab on revenue realization and the impact of payment plans on project profitability. This helped them kick start agile planning & budgeting practice.

Developed a Retail Index for Canada-based Real Estate Investment Management Firm
Developed a Retail Index for Canada-based Real Estate Investment Management Firm

Established a robust data Integration and governance practice for a diversified real estate firm with approximately 15,000 employees in more than 400 offices in 68 countries. We developed a solution for them that combines internal and external data like demographics, property profile, financials, localities, etc & built comprehensive analytics and reporting to help them ease the property buying decision.

Advanced Analytics Solution for One of the US Largest Real Estate Investment Trust
Advanced Analytics Solution for One of the US Largest Real Estate Investment Trust

Helped this multi-billion dollar Real Estate firm in establishing a well-governed data warehouse platform. Further, through our business consulting & data analytics expertise, we delivered a powerful advanced analytics solution that delivers key business insights periodically and the power to forecast future trends along with visually appealing dashboards and self-service reporting.

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