Scale to the pinnacle through Precision Analytics with Polestar

    Discover the intricate pathways of sales, supply chain and regulations for enhanced clinical trial data analysis, improved efficacy, and positive patient outcomes

    • Polestar is the partner of choice for the giants of Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences
    • 18% Increase in Marketing ROI with effective targeting
    • 99.93% Production uptime through prescriptive analytics
    • 31% Faster regulatory approvals with compliance solutions
    Augment your solutions with the best processes and technology
    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Connected Health
    • Field Force Effectiveness
    • Digital Twins for Clinical Trials
    • Pricing Analytics

    Get your hand on advanced analytics, and intelligent decision-making muscle to ensure the flawless delivery of life-saving therapies.

    • Track meds from molecule to patient, with complete supply chain visibility.
    • Prevent disruptions with AI - Spot risks early and safeguard product integrity.
    • Strengthen collaboration across teams and for smoother logistics serialization control
    Predictive Maintenance

    A smarter, more connected supply chain and manufacturing process with data-driven insights and automation.

    • Leverage IoT to monitor usage and treatment outcomes.
    • Facilitate patient admissibility and trials - accelerating research and reducing costs.
    • Remotely detect potential safety issues, to enable rapid product updates and navigate regulatory.
    Connected Health

    Optimize sales and marketing strategies for maximum impact in a complex healthcare landscape.

    • Personalize engagement with HCPs based on their preferred channels to foster brand loyalty.
    • Empower sales reps with compelling messaging to highlight key clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness.
    • Leverage advanced analytics to identify prescribers with the highest propensity
    Field Force Effectiveness

    A smarter, more connected supply chain and manufacturing process with data-driven insights and automation.

    • Real-time Safety Monitoring
    • Reduced Trial Costs
    • Virtual Trial Design and Optimization
    Digital Twins for Clinical Trials

    Find the optimal balance between profitability and patient access to ensure long-term success of therapies.

    • Uncover payer dynamics and willingness-to-pay to understand payer sensitivities
    • Build robust value dossiers and pricing for premium drugs to support market differentiation.
    • Forecast pricing impact on sales volume, market share, and revenue to Predict market reaction.
    Pricing Analytics
    Manage Your Pharmaceuticals Sales Effectiveness

    Imagine a sales team that operates at its peak efficiency, leaving no potential untapped and no opportunities missed. They are firing on all cylinders, consistently hitting targets, and making every customer engagement count. Sounds like a fantasy?

    Well, not necessarily, here's a guide to:

    • First and foremost, solving the sales data puzzle
    • Managing Pharma sales Quota and territory plans
    • Keeping the sales force motivated with an effective
    • Incentive Compensation Management (ICM)
    Pharma & Life Sciences
    How we solve challenges for Pharma & Life Sciences Industry

    An in-depth forensic examination of your data, wielding advanced analytics to accelerate drug discovery, optimize clinical outcomes, and ensure regulatory compliance. Polestar’s expertise spans the entire drug development lifecycle, from target identification and salesforce effectiveness through to effective pricing and supply chain mastery.

    We helped resolve some of the challenges faced by:

    • Drive targeted marketing and enhance sales force effectiveness through advanced segmentation and channel analytics.
    • Mitigate risks with demand forecasting, predictive modeling, and scenario planning.
    • Ensure compliance and minimize risk with expertise in pharmaceutical data privacy and security regulations.
    Pharmaceutical Industry
    20% Increased Clinical Trial Recruitment Efficiency
    Pharmaceutical Industry
    15% Improved Drug Target Identification Accuracy
    Pharmaceutical Industry
    10% Reduced Adverse Drug Reactions
    Polestar's Accelerators
    Supply Chain Control Tower
    Bring in Supply Chain control tower capabilities for better visibility

    Supply Chain Control Tower
    • Bring in Supply Chain control tower capabilities for better visibility
    • Improved data flow across suppliers, manufacturers, transporters, warehouses, retailers, and logistics
    • For better risk assessment and cost reduction with easier collaboration
    Enabling Procurement leaders to collaborate, deliver, and consolidate easily


    Get details about Direct Material Sourcing with:

    • Budget builder to provide a collaboration workspace in developing annual budgets
    • Supply solver for reviewing supplier quality, delivery and price performance all at once
    • Variance vision to aggregate information for consolidating volume and price variances
    Featured insights

    Our clients in pharmaceutical have reported to have increased their marketing ROI by up to 18%. Moreover, they also reported a 99.93% production uptime using pharma analytics. Having data analytics solutions in place, we help pharma companies with drug discovery, clinical trials, pricing analytics strategies, and more to save on cost and accelerate time to market.

    We enable you to detect possible drug safety issues more quickly than traditional methods. Our analytics consulting approach can help you utilize disparate tools, and techniques for causal inference to differentiate correlation from causation, ensuring the accuracy of your results.

    To streamline your supply chain operations, Pharma companies can utilize Polestar's Supply Chain Control Tower to enhance logistics routes, detect possible risks in advance, and improve cooperation with partners. Moreover, it provides a central hub to manage the complete value chain of suppliers, manufacturing, storage facilities, and distributors.

    We assist you with simulating various trial designs and anticipate possible obstacles before recruiting actual patients with Digital Twins. This enables pharmaceutical companies to improve trial design, find the most effective method, and possibly lower expenses and speed up trial completion times, all while maintaining safety with virtual safety monitoring.

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