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Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan

Established Transparent, Connected & Agile Processes Through Automation.


On a mission to complete the digital transformation of the entire enterprise, the global pharma giant implemented Anaplan to eliminate incongruities, modernize their budgeting process and address the emerging business requirements. Their five-pronged approach to dynamic budgetary planning required going back & forth multiple times, adding up to the complexities and furthering the chances of human-errors.

With Anaplan, all that hassle is removed, as it automatically does all the calculations & revisions, along with suggesting scenarios to course correct.

Client Speaks

We never thought planning could be this intuitive and agile. Anaplan brings innovation in every decision we take.”

- Senior Financial Planning Professional

Underlying Practices

The global pharmaceutical giant offers a wide range of products and services across geographies. This spread brings in a lot of consistent business but exposes decision-makers to the monumental task of managing a complex network of distribution centres & vendors – along with inefficient processes at each level.

They were evaluating a platform that could eliminate these inadequate practices and fuel innovation led by dynamic planning.

Recognizing this need for a dynamic planning, the integrated pharmaceutical company followed an extended strategy and budget allocation calendar – wherein, they initially prepared a strategy for the next year before moving on to update the prices, incorporate the changes due to any unforeseen occurrences, changes in the customer mix, followed by two subsequent reviews with the CEO before the final closure.

Making amends and incorporating all the suggestions was a tedious & repetitive process and prone to error. The report turn-around time was way beyond expectations.

Key Challenges

Implementation & Strategy Underlying Practices

They finalized Anaplan as the tool to optimize the budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidation. Polestar acted as a strategic implementation partner.

The first stage was getting to know the long-term and short-term business goals and expectation of the business stakeholders. Post multiple requirements gathering and brain-storming sessions, the Polestar team captured the business challenges & objectives and defined the to-be state.

The next step was building models to connect the different budgeting processes in Anaplan. The Polestar team reinvented the enterprise-wide financial budgeting & business processes.

Anaplan helped them eliminate all the challenges completely.

Further, the Anaplan’s no-coding and business-like syntax gave users the possibility to forecast and extrapolate future scenarios with ease.

Key Impacts

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