Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan

    Client : Global Pharma Giant
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    Problem Statement Problem Statement

    A large pharmaceutical company with global reach struggled to manage its complex network of distribution centers and vendors, along with inefficient processes. Their current method involved multiple revisions and approvals, making it slow and error-prone. They were looking for a solution to streamline operations and enable dynamic planning to eliminate incongruities, modernize their budgeting process and address the emerging business requirements.

    Key Challenges Key Challenges
    • Traditional records are siloed across spreadsheets, databases, and ledgers in individual centers.
    • Financial consolidation relied on data from distribution centers, NSMs, department heads & tech systems, leading to complexity.
    • Data cleaning bottlenecks due to inconsistent approaches, adding extra effort.
    • Poor data management makes forecasting and target allocation unreliable and subjective at different levels.
    Solution Implemented Solution Areas
    • Anaplan streamlines budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation.
    • Flexible updates to budgets with no errors or redundancies.
    • Easily model fluctuations in prices, customer mix, etc.
    • Run simulations and choose the best business scenario.
    • Transparent processes with clear cost centers and GL codes.
    • All stakeholders (distribution centers, board, etc.) access information on a single platform.
    Technology Stack
    • Anaplan
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    Business Impact
    • 40% reduction in budgeting and forecasting timeline.
    • Upto 45% increase in process efficiency.
    • 50% reduction in errors and redundancies.
    • Upto 30% increase in data reliability.