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Unleash Sales Promotion Excellence: Harness Tableau Analytics for F&B Success

Unleash Sales Promotion Excellence: Harness Tableau Analytics for F&B Success

Business impact
  • Achieved savings of 570,000 man-hours annually.
  • Realized a staggering 99.87% reduction in the time taken to access T-1 reports.
  • Witnessed a remarkable 98.3% reduction in Turnaround Time (TAT) - from 5-7 days to a few hours, for collecting and analyzing data from various sources.
  • 100 % Elimination of Manual data collation and manual report bursting - replaced by automated generation of reports and dashboards.
Project Timeline
  • Implementation to Go-Live: 6 months

Client: One of the largest producers of bottled non-alcoholic & ready-to-drink beverages in the Asia-Pacific region.

Problem Statement

The multinational client faced a critical operational bottleneck that impeded their ability to effectively gauge the impact of promotional efforts. The absence of a comprehensive reporting system not only hindered their capacity to make informed decisions but also jeopardized their competitive standing in the fiercely dynamic Asia-Pacific F&B market.

Key Challenges
  • Absence of a mechanism to capture and analyze weekly/monthly reports.
  • Lack of existing configuration in the system to track essential KPIs - sales volume, revenue generated, and cost of promotional campaigns.
  • Data generation and collection across departments and stakeholders were not homogenous. Extracting and collating the data from siloed teams made it challenging for CXOs to monitor performance.
Solution Areas

With a detailed assessment, we understood their data and their bottlenecks at a granular to provide strong data architectures, intuitive multi-dimensional reporting, and optimized their data management.

  • Revolutionized the collection of reports generated across applications with SQL and Prep Builder to enable efficient reporting using Tableau.
  • Creation of What-IF Analysis reports for promotional strategies.
  • Implementation of D-A-R (Dashboard-Analysis-Reporting) approach for the Sales teams
  • Implemented framework for auto-generation of Analytics and dashboards from source system data leveraging Tableau
  • Revamping of app and website to track effectiveness of campaigns and supervise promotion-to-sales ROI

Tech Stack

  • SQL
  • Tableau

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