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Large Non Alcoholic

Large Non Alcoholic Bottler Boost Promotion Effectiveness With Tableau

Our client is one of the largest bottlers of non-alcoholic & ready-to-drink beverages in the Asia-Pacific region. The multinational is the second-largest beverage distributor and manufacturer under the trademarked products of a renowned soft-drink brand. The organization is spread over 18 countries with an aim to deliver a great range of locally produced global brands that consumers choose to enjoy every day.

They were looking for a solution to monitor their promotions and their effectiveness. They needed a platform to constantly maintain a check on KPIs and reduce TAT (turnaround time) of periodic reports for making impactful & timely decisions. We took a consultative approach to assess their need and existing processes and optimized reporting and visualization of key metrics on Tableau. Now insights are available on the fingertips of decision-makers without any dependencies.

The Challenges

The MIS team was creating reports in Excels which requires pulling in all the data lying across different stakeholders in various formats. As a result, even though they were spending the majority of their time in building these reports, these were delayed and hence offered little value.

Furthermore, there was no mechanism in place to track KPIs periodically. The client was encountering glitches in analyzing Month-on-month (MOM) or week-on-week sales reports and the impact of different promotional campaigns. Some crucial metrics like –sales volume, revenue generated, and cost of different promotional campaigns were missing.

Apart from that, the business intelligence team spends a lot of time on manual reporting as there was no automation in place. So, they needed a platform that is optimized and churns out insights to spot effectiveness and revenue-generating promotion opportunities. They needed a system that supplements decision-making with valuable information.

Solutions Implemented

Our business analyst and consultants first evaluated their requirements and recommended aD-A-R approach (Dashboard-Analysis-Reporting) with Tableau as BI platform. Dashboards were created, catering to the usage of different sales executives. The purpose was to quickly summarize the most important business information, taking into account the shortage of time-availability of business executives.

Analysis pages were designed to offer more intractability, wherein you can drill-down to get more detailed insights and perform an in-depth analysis. Users get more access to tabular data set to do a comparative analysis.

Reports catered to the most granular detail such as area-wise or campaign-wise data. Decision-makers could use these reports to create most strategic business decisions.

All these reports were automated so that they are periodically generated, tackling the TAT issues. We also enabled the Business Intelligence teams to easily create any ad-hoc reports, such as, Pareto analysis can be easily done to identify which products are making more sales and giving a certain degree of profitability.

We have also helped the client with What-ifs analysis where they can make promotions of new and existing products and strengthen their campaigns to stay competitive in the market.

The company gave us access for SSQL which ensures that the live connections are being fetched into the system for reporting purpose. Now with Tableau solutions in place, they add change and refresh entries in their database and these are reflected in the real-time dashboards. We also gave them these features in their Tableau app that helped them to take better and knowledgeable insights.

The Results

Manual report creation was replaced by auto-generated reports with loaded analytics and easy to use attractive dashboards.

The reports can be accessed with a single click showing T-1 reports, hence no more a time-consuming process.  With the automated reporting capabilities of Tableau software, the system can draw the data directly from the source systems.

With the reduction in TAT, they can easily analyse improvement in their process, which helped them to increase their productivity and instead of getting information in 5 to 7 days, it is available in few hours now.

The solution empowered the client to identify traits that enterprise users by no means ever looked at before. In certain instances, it contained the information that is crucial for the enterprise KPIs.

Further, the sales team was empowered to access these reports easily from their mobile app or on the web. They can easily assess the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and accordingly take decisions to maximize the promotion-to-sales ratio.


With Polestar as their partners, the result was a faster analytics cycle, leading to more engagement from the business side with less day-to-day analytics tasks.

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