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India's Largest Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management with QlikView Analytics

India's Largest Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management with QlikView Analytics

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Business impact
  • 98% Improvement in data accuracy with QlikView adoption
  • 97% Reduction in reload time to 36 minutes (from 9.5 hours).
  • 95% Reduction in wait time, reports generated instantly
  • 90% Reduction in RAM usage and reload-time
Project Timeline
  • Delivered in 8 weeks

Client: India's Largest Airport Concessionaire

Problem Statement

The client grappled with an immense influx of internally generated data, appending 30,000 rows to a colossal 60 million-row spreadsheet daily. The lack of data uniformity led to multiple versions of the same sheet, compromising its integrity and hampering analysis crucial for decision-making. The client decided to replace their legacy data management and reporting systems with QlikView, a leading analytics solution.

Key Challenges
  • Vast amount of data created data management and processing challenges
  • Lack of standardization across data sources
  • Inefficiencies caused due to slow response time
  • Delayed insights due to slow data reloads
  • Lack of trust in the solution led to a chaotic process and low user adoption.
Solution Framework
  • Our analysts collaborated with IT and business users to identify concerns, and our developers diligently incorporated missing requirements.
  • With Qlik's three-layered ETL architecture, we achieve optimized processes and a strong foundation for comprehensive analytics.
  • We delivered a precise and tailored solution by recreating the UI to match user interactions effectively.

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