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Improved Secondary Sales Claims for a Fortune 500 Spirits conglomerate

Improved Secondary Sales Claims for a Fortune 500 Spirits conglomerate

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Business impact
  • Reduction in Reporting and Tracking Time
  • Payment Processing Time Reduced by 23%
  • Distributor Satisfaction Score Increased by 25 Points (scale of 100)
  • Operational Efficiency Gains of $700,000 Annually
  • 47% Reduction in Payment Discrepancies
  • Improved visibility on the shelf due to enhanced stock availability at the end retailer.
Problem Statement

The client, a Fortune 500 spirits conglomerate, faced inefficiencies in their secondary sales incentive and payout processes, resulting in increased dealer complaints about delayed payouts which in turn caused lower depletion (secondary sales). Extensive time and resources were spent on data validation from diverse sources, causing a significant impact on product movement which led to stock outs at end retailers.

Key Challenges
  • Inefficiencies in Secondary Sales Processes: The client struggled with delays and inefficiencies in secondary sales incentive and payout processes, negatively impacting dealer motivation and resulting in reduced product movement.
  • Data Validation Complexities: Diverse data sources led to time-consuming and resource-intensive data validation, creating a bottleneck in the workflow and reducing visibility into secondary and tertiary sales figures.
  • Stockouts and Customer Churn: Inadequate visibility into secondary and tertiary sales led to stockouts at end retailers, affecting profitability and causing increased customer churn as buyers turned to alternative brands.
  • Administrative Burden and Discrepancies: Inaccuracies in secondary sales processes led to increased administrative work, including account reconciliation, payment chasing, and dispute resolution, potentially leading to legal complications and deterring potential partners.
Solution Areas
  • Robust Data Management System: Implementing a comprehensive data management system addressed challenges related to data validation, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in secondary sales processes.
  • Visual Analytics and Reporting: Leveraging Power BI and Anaplan, custom reports and dashboards were designed to provide stakeholders with real-time visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling dynamic filtering and drill-down capabilities for in-depth analysis.
  • Integration and Synchronization: Anaplan was seamlessly integrated to establish Master Data Management (MDM) and Data Hub, allowing for seamless data access and synchronization, improving workflow management.
  • Forecasting and Inventory Planning: The solution provided accurate sales forecasts and improved inventory planning, allowing the company to better anticipate demand and prevent stockouts, ultimately enhancing profitability and partner relations.

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