Fascination to Implementation: Are you truly ready for GenAI?

    GenAI is not something that can even be remotely ignored – coz even if you want to your competitors won’t.

    Right now, the questions that most CTOs and CEOs ask are not What is Generative AI, but rather how do we get started with it and what use cases should we start with?

    According to a recent report by Alteryx, almost 53% of the respondents were either exploring or experimenting with Generative AI as a pilot/proof of concept. This shows how quickly the organizations are reacting to it. This is what we talk about in our conversations with our clients too nowadays.

    Therefore to simplify it we’ve created this guide to help companies start with their GenAI implementation.

    Our Generative AI Assessment guide contains:

    Understanding the context of Generative AI for companies

    • Use cases by industry and function
    • How companies are leveraging it currently
    • Some real-world examples
    • Where’s the resistance: The privacy dilemma

    Going back to the whiteboard: The vision & strategy for Generative AI

    • Changes in how companies leverage AI
    • FOMO vs JOMO: Choosing the right use cases
    • Think about the costs

    The pre-cursor: Understanding whether are you truly ready.

    • Ask yourself these questions before thinking about Generative AI
    • You are ready: But where to start?

    5 Steps to Getting Started with Generative AI

    What’s next?

    Understand everything there is before you want to get started on this Generative AI journey.

    P.S. We’ve been featured as seasoned vendors in the first PeMa Quadrant for the Top Generative AI & vendors based on how we’re currently working on PoCs and implementations based on Generative AI.


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