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Executive's Guide to Data Analytics Projects

As data analytics experts, we've seen that organizations regularly rush into the whole analytics implementation process. This means that they skip over a few important things.

  • sometimes it is choosing the wrong use cases and trying to explore everything
  • sometimes it is about choosing a tool only because everyone is using it instead of thinking about what they actually need
  • other times, you choose the wrong approach to analytics which causes more damage

With this eBook, we aim to give you a 5 step approach to analytics which you can leverage for high adoption and high returns. We talk about:

  • Creating a strategy that aligns with your vision (combined with key tech trends)
  • Establishing an operating framework (along with deciding the delivery framework)
  • The key steps in change management and proper governance (with the right framework)
  • How to manage value by ensuring you are prioritizing the right things
  • Gathering feedback and refining it - with steps on how to do it

If you are even remotely thinking about handling a data and analysis project, then this eBook is for you!

guide to data analytics project
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