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Data Analytics for Consumer Durables

Data Analytics for Consumer Durables

Create a seamless data experience from data management to visualization

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Have some or all of the issues with your Consumer Durables operations?

  • Lack visibility into your value chain and reverse logistics?
  • No integrated system to manage and visualize all your financial data?
  • Lacking advanced analytics capabilities to perform segmentation, market-basket analysis, etc.
  • Unable to create scenarios with multiple macroeconomic variables and internal data for better forecasting

Customer's path to purchase is relatively longer for the Consumer Durables industry, making it important to understand the mix of long-term branding and short-term sales and marketing activities along with all the touchpoints in the consumer lifecycle. With the increase in digital penetration, organizations are struggling to harness the velocity and volume of data that is being generated for their advantage.

Most companies treat sales, marketing, supply chain, procurement, finance, and promotions as separate, creating siloed and disconnected decisions that lead to a lot of wasted potential. With Polestar Solutions as your data partner, you can get solutions right from data management to financial planning. Some of the trends and the end goals that companies aim to achieve and that we can help with are:

Connected Supply Chain

Supply chain and reverse logistics involve a lot of components that need to be visualized like the many suppliers, vendors, distributors, logistics, & warehouses. With analytics, you can optimize, reduce costs, and identify new opportunities easily.

Multi-channel strategy

Treating the multiple marketing and sales channels in isolation is a thing of the past. With data, you can create detailed playbooks, segment customers, identify campaign effectiveness, calculate ROIs, automate your sales efforts, and more.

Financial Analytics

Make finance a function that is seamless, connected, and integrated. Manage data from multiple sources like cloud, SQL, SAP, and other sources for financial planning and analytics, reporting, expense management, and financial reporting.

Download Our Sample Dashboard Playbook
Sample Dashboard Playbook

Analytics Use cases for Consumer Durables industry

 Market-mix model
Market-mix model

Attribute historical marketing activity with sales data and create “what-if” simulations to understand what suits best you

 Production management
Production management

The complexities in production like quality management, plant maintenance, and planning can be reduced with data

 Supply Chain Analytics
Supply Chain Analytics

Move away from one-size-fits-all supply chains for more flexibility to serve across channels and across product segments

 Revenue Management
Revenue Management

Optimizing service channels or finding new value proposition to identify revenue opportunities can be done with data analytics

 Financial Management
Financial Management

Let it be xP&A or Zero-based budgeting or connected planning everything starts by making data more transparent and available

 Customer Service
Customer Service

Drive customer centricity with service as a differentiator, with pre-purchase and post-purchase services for meeting expectations

How can Polestar Solutions help you?

01 Data Management

Data is the foundation for all business activities, with consumer durables, this is the need of the hour to have a single source of truth for streamlining all supply chain and inventory management activities. Get effective master data management.

02 Business Intelligence

Extract value from data seamlessly with reports, dashboards, and visualizations of the entire value chain. Get timely reports and check your KPIs in real time with transactional, operational, and financial analytics dashboards.

03 Enterprise Planning

Eliminate disconnected and isolated planning by bringing together all your departments to make decisions coherently and cohesively. Talk to our EPM experts to understand what's best suited for your consumer durables business needs.

04 Advanced Analytics

Analyze your raw data to bring insights for Price, Promotion, Channels, Product, and Customer data analysis to bring statistical models for demand forecasting, supply chain planning, and financial analytics.

05 Customer Experience

Improve your pre and post-purchase services experience, analyze tickets raised, find opportunities for service improvements, and calculate cost of operations. With data, you can improve customer experience in the entire consumer lifecycle.

06 Managed Support

Reduce the cost of ownership applications and increase the reliance on your business applications with our data experts. Create and manage secure BI and analytics applications, reports, and dashboards for end-to-end operations.

Connected Supply Chain Analysis

Create a transparent, visible, and connected Supply chain and logistics process with Polestar Solutions

Connected Supply Chain Analysis
Consumer Durables Success Stories
Consumer Durables
Setting Up A Managed Support Services Competency to support S&Op and EPM process

Know how the Enterprise Performance Management we set up can be the backbone of short to long term strategy and planning but also can set the right course of growth momentum for companies

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the Consumer Durables industry, data analytics can help companies make smart business decisions impacting their supplier effectiveness, improve inventory management, Financial analysis, P&L management, and reporting, customer segmentation, increased sales, and cost reduction to increase bottom line effectiveness, etc.

It would be difficult to answer this question without knowing the exact data and analytics requirements. But based on your needs and the level of analytics implementation wrt diagnostic, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive data analytics and the requirement of reporting layers the analytics implementation timeline would start at a few weeks.

Absolutely not. Even if you don’t have an idea about the level of analytics that you need or the strategy you have, you can perfectly be ready for an analytics implementation. Through our detailed data analytics workshop, we help companies right from understanding where their current analytics stage is to where they want or need to be in. With our assessment, you can analyze what would be the best analytics/technology implementation suited for you.

Polestar Solutions, with our team of Consumer durables industry experts, can help your company build a strong brand, find new monetization opportunities, establish strong data governance, forecasting, demand planning, improve customer experience, find new market/product or service opportunities,and more based on your needs.

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