Consumer Durables
    Accommodate multi-touch attribution to effectively track promotions impact

    Build lasting loyalty by moving beyond the 'buy' button with progressive & contextual promotions by weaving AI with consumer durables analytics

    • Dive into customer behavior, analyzing pricing & promotions, visualizing trends, & more.
    • 20% Additional improvement on top-level forecast
    • 99.93% Reduction in time taken for report generation
    • 23+ Warehouse Data management system established in just 10 weeks
    Listen to the warranty whispers, visualize service signals, and analyze peak replacement patterns
    • Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization
    • Predictive Maintenance & Quality Control
    • Sales & Customer Service Analysis
    • Financial Analysis & planning
    • Pricing & Revenue Optimization
    • ICM & Workforce Optimization

    Sync production seamlessly with market demand through precision inventory and supply chain optimization

    • Minimize stockouts & overstocking with granularity in predictions
    • Optimize inventory allocation across channels (online, offline)
    • Create the best-in-class S&OP designs with ease
    • Manage returns, prioritize orders, track data in real-time
    Know how you can have a gradual AI transformation starting from descriptive analytics to self aware AI
    Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization

    Predict the machinery downtime to avoid any disruptions and accumulate saved time and effort with planned downtime

    • Optimize Overall Equipment Effectiveness and machine utilization
    • Improve resource utilization with master production scheduling
    • Analyze warranty claims & service data to predict potential failures
    • Enhance quality by identifying patterns related to product defects
    Unraveling the intricate threads that weave AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science together
    Predictive Maintenance & Quality Control

    Is it brand trust, sleek design, or energy efficiency? Craft lasting connections with consumers with insightful analytics

    • Analyze warranty claims and service data to identify common issues and predict potential failures.
    • Track customer journeys across touchpoints
    • Know which models will fly off shelves & which might gather dust
    • Tailor your sales approaches based on customer segment
    Ride the Sales analytics bandwagon by building a roadmap to future-fit sales analytics
    Sales & Customer Service Analysis

    Scrutinizing financial data to drive strategic decisions, maximize profitability, and fortify financial resilience

    • Move beyond balance sheets to analyze warranty data, repeat purchases, etc. to identify your most profitable segments
    • Guide optimal pricing, strategic investments and manage risk
    • Predict cash flow, optimize inventory, and weather market storms
    Excel - not just sustain in your financial & business plans by creating plans that are adaptive to change
    Financial Analysis & planning

    Research shows that price management initiatives can increase a company's margins by 2 to 7% in 12 months.

    • Analyze price elasticity across segments and channels to set prices
    • Predict the impact of competitor pricing and promotions
    • Leverage concepts like Laffer's curve, under & over pricing, etc.
    • Create price and promotion management engines for strategy
    Confront the consequences of neglecting pricing and master pricing with analytics techniques
    Pricing & Revenue Optimization

    Craft data-driven incentive plans that are laser-focused on achieving your business objectives and optimize performance

    • Minimize idle hours and maximize service coverage
    • Use statistical techniques like CBC, Van Westendorp, Garbor-Granger, demand modelling, price elasticity, etc.
    • Equip your team with real-time dashboards and scorecards
    100% visibility of both BTL & ATL activities, reporting, financial, trade investments and A&P spend
    ICM& Workforce Optimization
    Bringing Dynamism To Your Inventory Needs

    Conquer inventory chaos. Slash storage costs, avoid stockouts and optimize profits with the right arsenal against your inventory challenges.

    Grab your copy to build:

    • Store locator & Visibility dashboards
    • AI-powered Demand forecasting
    • Dynamic Route optimization
    • Distribution Reporting & more
    Bringing Dynamism To Your Inventory Needs
    How we solve challenges for Consumer Durables Industry

    Customer's path to purchase is relatively longer for the Consumer Durables industry, making it important to understand the mix of long-term branding and short-term sales and marketing activities along with all the touchpoints in the consumer lifecycle.

    We helped resolve some of the challenges faced by:

    • Operational and supply chain costs reduction
    • Integrating data from multiple data sources
    • Streamlining inventory and logistics data tracking
    • Reduced time to action with easy reporting
    Consumer Durables
    40% Reduction in operational costs
    Consumer Durables
    100% Visibility into Scope 3 emissions
    Consumer Durables
    99.95% Reduction in time to deliver finance reports
    Polestar's Accelerators
    Bring in Supply Chain control tower capabilities for better visibility
    Bring in Supply Chain control tower capabilities for better visibility

    Supply Chain Control Tower
    • Bring in Supply Chain control tower capabilities for better visibility
    • Improved data flow across suppliers, manufacturers, transporters, warehouses, retailers, and logistics
    • For better risk assessment and cost reduction with easier collaboration
    Enabling Procurement leaders to collaborate, deliver, and consolidate easily
    Enabling Procurement leaders to collaborate, deliver, and consolidate easily


    Get details about Direct Material Sourcing with:

    • Budget builder to provide a collaboration workspace in developing annual budgets
    • Supply solver for reviewing supplier quality, delivery and price performance all at once
    • Variance vision to aggregate information for consolidating volume and price variances
    Featured insights

    From demand forecasting and inventory optimization for efficient production planning to pricing analytics for strategic market positioning, our offerings cover the entire data spectrum. Leverage customer journey analytics to refine the consumer experience, implement supply chain analytics for streamlined operations, and utilize predictive maintenance to reduce downtime. Based on the specific needs and requirements our analytics services offer solutions for sales, finance, supply chain, HR, IT, etc.

    Some of the key steps of our implementation process include:

    • Discovery Workshop: Where we map your goals and data.
    • Data Prep & Models: Where we clean your data and build custom tools.
    • Deployment & Training: We launch solutions and get you up to speed.
    • Continuous Improvement: We refine models and grow with you.

    Further steps can be outlined based on your specific needs and requirements.

    Our AI-powered S&OP and demand forecasting process can help you predict exactly what durables fly, where, and when. No more crystal balls, just real-time insights that fuel optimal inventory allocation and avoid costly surprises. Some of the techniques used for S&OP and demand forecasting are:

    • Unconstrained and Constrained planning
    • Demand Sensing
    • Scenario Analysis and Simulation
    • Bayesian Updating, etc.

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