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The banking, financial services, and insurance industry (BFSI) are currently undergoing transformative changes due to various challenges posed by the economic uncertainty, tight regulations, and the changing investor demographics and expectations. In this journey of transformation, developing capabilities with data and analytics to optimize operations to stay profitable, relevant, and sustainable throughout the entire value chain.

01 Customer Analytics

By tapping into the enormous amounts of consumer data generated, use them to form actionable insights to optimize customer acquisition and also have growth in newer segments with focused targeting with the existing customers. Use data for:

  • Customer Segmentation for underwriting
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Loyalty Program Management
  • Churn Management
  • Personalized services Eg. Location-based services
  • Customer Relationship Management

02 Performance Analytics

With the banking space becoming more tech-savvy and competitive every day, leveraging the data to derive insights that deliver value is important. Use business intelligence tools to maintain real-time dashboards and capitalize on the data with:

  • Real-time Financial Reporting & Financial Statements Analysis
  • Channel & Sales Performance Analysis
  • Branch Transaction Analysis
  • Expense Management
  • Payment Analytics

03 Portfolio and Risk Management

In this environment with ever-changing micro and macroeconomic factors, it is important to understand the asset mix and mitigate the risk associated to avoid potential losses by analyzing various dimensions. Address financial and nonfinancial risk with regulatory compliance with:

  • Fraud Detection
  • Loss Forecasting
  • KYC Analysis
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Analysis
  • Credit Risk and Exposure Analysis
  • Incident Management & Claims Analysis

04Regulatory Compliance

This is one of the stringent and changing requirements for the banking and financial services industry to adhere to. With techniques of advanced analytics and ML algorithms, it is possible to stay updated with the norms

  • Advanced Text Mining
  • Attribute Analysis
  • BASEL III compliance
  • Data extraction with Rest API for reporting and auditing

Leverage our services to solve Key Data Challenges in BFSI

Our solutions provide customers with the capability to grow and serve clients and their portfolios, with real-time data utilization to maximize their profit while protecting the hyper-sensitive customer data.

Analyze the data from Customer Complaints (VoC) to turn them into CTQ and form actionable insights by grouping them and checking correlation with parameters like service quality, web design & content, security & privacy, convenience, and speed.


Need to check various spreadsheets for checking a few financial parameters to know the health of the company? Find all the KPIs you need at one place accessible with real-time data to find red flags well in advance.

Correlate the Claims and Premiums gained with customer segments and geographies. Gain a deeper understanding of the trends across time with various segments to find opportunities for new package introductions.

Our Services for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Industry


Business Intelligence

Visualize key performance indicators to make data-driven decisions by drilling down from top-level to individual branches or markets or portfolio managers to identify parameters of improvement.

Start Visualizing your data
Cloud Data Management

Cloud Data Management

Robust data management and governance is the first step towards a data-first culture. We deliver custom-fit solutions to account for your immediate and future data storage requirements, with security and protection to your customer data.

Manage your data effectively
Advanced-Data Analytics

Advanced-Data Analytics

Adapt distribution strategies in an environment of regulatory changes to meet changing investor needs. Optimize the broker/ agent channels while growing multichannel and direct sales. Unlock the true potential of your data with near-real-time insights with our experts.

Deep dive into your data
Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management

Optimize network planning, branch management, workforce planning, and more from a single platform. Forecast channel performance and get a real-time view of actual performance data to infuse flexibility in sales planning.

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