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Harness Data To Offer Better Facilities To Customers As Well As To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

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Make data driven decisions to provide optimum solutions for your facilities

The Senior Housing industry has been constantly evolving over the past decade. The decreasing occupancy rates, increase in labour related expenses along with the rise in competitors have posed immense pressure for service providers to provide best facilities in this industry to stay ahead of competition. For such provision, it is important to harness the data collected and we can transform your data to do the following:

01 Revenue Management

Make better investment decisions by analyzing the revenue generated by using techniques like Predictive Analytics. Explore unexplored geographies & analyse new possible location for Facilities with data.

  • Revenue per occupied room
  • Facilities provision
  • What-If scenarios
  • Real estate valuation
  • Pricing model for various services
02 Vendor Management Solutions

Maximize returns by optimizing capital costs, providing streamlined operations of services and accelerated project delivery by managing the vendors and tracking all the activities.

  • Pre-Sales tracking
  • Lead Management Funnel
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Regulatory & Documentation Management
  • Subcontractor management
03 Service Management

For key activities like health and pharma services, along with monitoring of tenants Service management is very vital. Manage the various services provided by the facilities with proper tracking and bundling them based on previous data to maximize returns.

  • Cluster analysis
  • Paperless Agreements
  • Manage Multiple assets
  • Rent Analytics
  • Assisted Property Services like Packers and Movers
  • Additional services provision
04 Cloud Based Solutions

We can provide you with the ability to store, search, backup and restore critical resident data. Simplify and speed up data backup and recovery of all the resident data to be able to generate insights.

  • Data Management
  • Data Warehouse & Data Lake
  • Data Architecture
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Data Security

Leverage our services to solve key industry challenges

We help our Assisted Living and Senior Housing clientele to unlock their technology potential to provide the best in-house systems, tools ranging from data management to data visualization. We can help you solve problems like the following

Predict the possible churn of the customers by analyzing the profile of the tenants and bucketing them into different profiles based on their possible risk and take preventive measures

Understand the trends and patterns in the length of stay of the tenants for all the properties wrt the vacancies across time. Identify the variation between actuals vs planned data.

Understanding loss to lease is vital to any property, it gives the statistics as to when to raise rents and insights about Acquisition due diligence and property performance.

Our Services For Senior Housing Industry

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Visualize KPIs on the basis of Facility level like the vacancy rate, sales report, Market trends and social media to perform Competitor Analysis and understand the resident care needs.

Start Visualizing your data
IT Offshore Development
IT Offshore Development

With our Offshore development centre, we can help you do what you do best and provide the best in-class assistance data management and technology assistance needs, with a flexible delivery model

Get started with ODC
Data Analytics & Advanced Analytics
Data Analytics & Advanced Analytics

Leverage your data to make predictions of maintenance expenses, tenant demand, occupancy by examining past data. And Increase Lead Conversion rate by predicting the likelihood of lead conversion, speed of conversion and length of stay.

Analyze your data
Enterprise Performance Management
Enterprise Performance Management

Effectively plan & communicate to stakeholders across departments to tackle last-minute changes to have a unified connected planning. Plan your operations and resources based on financial planning.

Plan your business today

Client Success Stories

Data Management & Analytics Services for a Large US-based Assisted Living Company
Data Management & Analytics Services for a Large US-based Assisted Living Company

Worked closely with client’s Database Management team to collate, extract data from all the facilities and built a consolidated Data Warehouse. For Business decision-making, we developed an analytical solution that helped the client to analyze the trend like census, occupancy & length of stay rate on a YTD & level of care basis.

Delivered a Powerful Forecasting Solution for a Senior Housing Firm
Delivered a Powerful Forecasting Solution for a Senior Housing Firm

We extracted the data residing across facilities, transformed and tagged the data for proper metadata management. We developed a forecasting solution for future trends based on linear regression of historical data and presented the findings in the form of interactive Power BI Dashboards.

Advanced Analytics Solution for a US-based Care & Medical Facilities Investment Trust
Advanced Analytics Solution for a US-based Care & Medical Facilities Investment Trust

Helped this multi-billion dollar Real Estate Investment Trust in establishing a well-governed data warehouse. Further, we developed an advanced analytical solution that factored in demography & locational data to assist them with optimizing the existing investment and identifying the properties for investment.

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