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Senior Living 2.0

Leverage data-driven insights to transform senior living operations for personalized care and strategic decision-making across Senior Living Operators and REITs.

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Make data driven decisions to provide optimum solutions for your facilities

The Senior Living industry has been constantly evolving over the past decade. The decreasing occupancy rates, increase in labor-related expenses along with rise in competitors have posed immense pressure on service providers to provide the best facilities in this industry to stay ahead of the competition. For such provision, it is important to harness the data collected and we can transform your data to do the following:

01 Labour Management & Workforce Planning

  • Optimized Staff Allocation
    1. Ideal staff-to-resident ratio
    2. Acuity-wise staff allocation
    3. Productivity
  • Effective Staff Scheduling
  • Proactive Workforce Planning
  • Performance Monitoring and Training

02 Resident Movement & Personalized Care

  • Move-In/Move Outs
  • Availability to Admission Ratio
  • Resident Satisfaction Score
  • Incident Benchmarking & Complaints management
  • EHR-based medication and Social Engagement
  • Care Planning & Holistic Assessment

03 Financial Management

  • Optimizing Net Operating Income
  • Accounting & Payroll management
  • Predicting RevPOR
  • Wage Benchmarking
  • Additional services provision

04 Property Management

  • Tenant Acquisition Cost & Turnover
  • Occupancy/Vacancy Rates & Arrears
  • Avg Time is taken to respond to Maintenance request
  • Leasing Time & Inventory

Leverage our services to solve key industry challenges

We help our Senior Living Operators and REITs, to unlock their technology potential to provide the best in-house systems, and tools ranging from data management to data visualization. We can help you solve problems like the following

Determining the optimal staff-to-resident ratio and adjusting staffing patterns to balance operational costs and maintain the quality of care.

How can you optimize the allocation of resources (staff, supplies, and equipment) based on data-driven insights to enhance operational efficiency and reduce waste?

Analyzing the factors influencing occupancy rates and utilizing data to predict and address fluctuations, enabling proactive marketing and sales strategies

How can we effectively track and analyze financial data to identify areas of improvement, reduce costs, and maximize revenue generation?

Tracking and monitoring health outcomes of residents, such as falls, hospital readmissions, and medication management, to identify patterns and improve care delivery

What are the key quality metrics that need to be monitored and how can data analytics help measure and improve these metrics, such as medication errors, infection rates, or resident care plan adherence?

Our Services For Senior Housing Industry

Data Engineering
Data Engineering

Consolidate and analyze the data flowing from different pockets of the organizations across systems like Yardi, SherpaCRM, CIVICA, RLDatix, Sage Accounting, People Planner (CareBlox), PointClickCare, and many more

Discovery Workshop
Discovery Workshop

Series of cross-domain sessions with business and technology teams to help you define the 'TO BE State' with a modern data estate that is future-proof and scalable.

Analytics & AI
Analytics & AI

Leverage your data to make predictions of churn, preventive maintenance, RevPOR, and occupancy by examining historical trends and census data. Increase Resident Satisfaction Score by reducing complaints and predicting the likelihood of an incident

CXO Dashboards
CXO Dashboards

Declutter visual dashboards to create an intelligent CXO dashboard for CEO, CFO & COO. Take a health check of the business from a bird's eye view with the flexibility to drill down into details

Client Success Stories
Data Management & Analytics Services for a Large US-based Assisted Living Company
Data Management & Analytics Services for a Large US-based Assisted Living Company

Worked closely with client’s Database Management team to collate, extract data from all the facilities and built a consolidated Data Warehouse. For Business decision-making, we developed an analytical solution that helped the client to analyze the trend like census, occupancy & length of stay rate on a YTD & level of care basis.

Delivered a Powerful Forecasting Solution for a Senior Housing Firm
Delivered a Powerful Forecasting Solution for a Senior Housing Firm

We extracted the data residing across facilities, transformed and tagged the data for proper metadata management. We developed a forecasting solution for future trends based on linear regression of historical data and presented the findings in the form of interactive Power BI Dashboards.

Advanced Analytics Solution for a US-based Care & Medical Facilities Investment Trust
Advanced Analytics Solution for a US-based Care & Medical Facilities Investment Trust

Helped this multi-billion dollar Real Estate Investment Trust in establishing a well-governed data warehouse. Further, we developed an advanced analytical solution that factored in demography & locational data to assist them with optimizing the existing investment and identifying the properties for investment.

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