Polestar Solutions 2.0: New brand identity, look, and impact

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      Always look for insight as to how you can better structure data within your business, there's surely a nugget of wisdom out there for you.
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    Today embarks a new day and fresh start,

    Sparking excitement ignites our flame,

    A chance to grow, and break old chains,

    Rising up with strength and grace

    Reborn, ready to take our place.

    Data is more than just numbers and statistics. It’s a story waiting to be told. In this journey of enabling our clients to build their stories and connections, we take a step forward in envisioning our mission for growth, innovation, and leadership – with a new brand identity.

    What’s in a Name?

    First impression, brand recognition, differentiation, and emotional connection, is what makes a name the most valuable asset for any company. Not just because of the name but rather the true meaning behind it and the ideas it convokes in the minds of its consumers.

    As one of the brightest stars in the universe, Polestar remains steadfast and unchanging, serving as a guiding light that illuminates the path for explorers. With leadership and excellence as our unwavering principles, we guide our customers on their data journey as they maneuver through the data waves.

    Polestar 2.0: The New Logo

    Polestar solutions logo

    This time around, we are leveraging the entire name “Polestar” as the brand identity to showcase a bigger and bolder show of confidence in our name. We’ve replaced the letter “a” in Polestar with the Polestar, the guiding star and by joining the star with the letters “T” and “R” to show we go hand in hand with the stakeholders.

    The wordmark conveys a sense of confidence while still being approachable through strong geometric forms and deliberate use of all uppercase letters. It also creates a sense of bright light illuminating the centre of the star, aligning our name with the logo from a visual perspective. The simplicity of the logo not only differentiates us in the market but shows our ambition to be a company that thrives at the intersection between people and technology.

    Primary colours:

    Our colour palette is simple, yet bold and striking. Our three primary colours were chosen with purpose and care, balancing both confidence and strength through the combination of black and white, while being optimistic and future-focused with our yellow to make it pop.

    Secondary Colours:

    Due to the bold and simplistic nature of our new brand, we want to reserve our secondary colours to balance out the vibrancy of our primary colours and bring a sense of warmth and human quality to our data.

    Polestar solutions color pallet

    What’s in a Name?

    Tone sets the stage for everything that follows, it is the pillar upon which our company stands, so we have created our four pillars that would cement us into the future:

    Bold, for evoking a sense of confidence, courage, and daring

    Strong, to portray strength, power and authority.

    Dynamic, for communicating brand personality and showing energy and excitement.

    Assured, to establish trust and reliability and a sense of professionalism.

    The Typography: Montserrat || Arial || Abril Display ||

    Our typeface is a future-proof, hard-working sans serif, well-suited with any assignment. The fluid shapes and clear bounce lend a distinctive aesthetic.

    polestar solutions fonts

    The Goals

    “What we get by achieving our goals is not as important as what we become by achieving our goals.” With this new branding & logo, we intend to reinforce our goals and believes to:

    Transform Polestar within the industry through a connected understanding of our strategic advantage and our clients’ needs.

    Consolidate and simplify communications about Polestar to deliver a more cohesive understanding of our value to our clients.

    Be more promising with our messaging to support growth and expansion.

    Our Mission

    “We guide organizations across the globe in transforming their business by providing best-in-class industry solutions, combining state-of-the-art technologies and exceptional talent. Being the best organization in the world.”

    Our Vision

    “Being the best organization in the world and empowering businesses in their pursuit of excellence.”

    The Values

    Values are the fundamental beliefs and principles that guide our behaviour and decision-making processes. They serve as a blueprint for our company's actions and help establish a culture that aligns with its mission and vision, to ultimately contribute to the success and growth.

    INTEGRITY: We honour our word under any circumstance

    EXCELLENCE: We work with passion; consistently creating value and striving to fulfil our true potential

    COLLABORATION: We enable, encourage & empower each and every one

    CARE: We always look after all our internal and external stakeholders

    INNOVATION: We implement new ideas that result in improved solutions for stakeholders' current and future problems

    DISCIPLINE: We believe in consistency and quality by creating routines and not habits

    Conclusion: So, What’s Different?

    Our rebranding is not merely a visual update, it symbolizes the evolution of our connections with clients and partners. In this turbulent environment, refreshing our brand identity has provided us with a stronger sense of direction.

    We embrace this new identity with diligence and synergistic teamwork while remaining dedicated to our fundamental principles of agility, creativity, and change. We invite you to come along on this fresh journey as we spread our wings and soar toward a promising future!

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    Always look for insight as to how you can better structure data within your business, there's surely a nugget of wisdom out there for you.

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