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    From Products to Experiences. Thrive, Innovate & Scale with
    From Products to Experiences. Thrive, Innovate & Scale with
    Supply Chain Control Tower

    Oversee supply shortages by analysing regular sales and inventory levels. Ensure continuous monitoring of demand forecasts with real-time visibility

    Customer Segmentation & personalized solutions

    Data based profiling of customers based on Sales Data, primary and secondary Market Research data, Retail Media Network data, Connected TV platforms, primary cookie information to build highly personalized shopping experiences for customers online and in stores

    Pricing Analytics & Optimization

    Polestar's pricing analytics offerings help teams track Price elasticity across all SKUs, measure pricing efficiency and use analytics to predict optimum prices across all channels to maximize revenues

    Trade Promotion Budgeting, Planning & Optimization

    Keep a track of trade spend, precision design and delivery. Enhance trade promotion effectiveness, and preserve brand equity, sales growth, and channel partnerships

    Store Operations & Merchandising Analytics

    Strategies actionable insights for store performance, merchandise planning, and and addressing out-of-stock situations, ensuring seamless customer experience

    Deliver efficiency, streamline distribution, and enhance customer experiences with our expertise
    25 Points

    increase in distribution satisfaction score (scale of 100)

    8.2 Lacs

    man hours saved annualy


    visibility into BTL and ATL activities, reporting, financials, trade investments, and A&P spending

    Pricing Analytics Guide for Product Brands: Maximize Effectiveness
    Pricing Analytics Guide for Product Brands: Maximize Effectiveness

    From the significance of pricing analytics to crafting effective pricing strategy & mastering pricing with CPG analytics techniques, don't miss out on this enlightening resource!

    Featured insights

    Sales Key Performance Indicators for in CPG data analytics industry encompass account efficiency distribution, efficiency factory outlet, store efficiency, sales growth metrics, trade promotion & customer retention rates Marketing Key Performance Indicators are brand equity, brand performance, distribution performance, media performance & household Performance

    In the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector, the optimization of Product Development involves leveraging data for customer sentiment analysis & product lifecycle management, ensuring innovation aligns with market trends. Enhanced Procurement Analytics focuses on efficient Source-to-pay (STP) optimization, utilizing strategy compliance and savings tracking. Sales and operations management are refined through accurate demand forecasting, optimizing distribution channels and SKUs planning, and enhancing operational efficiency, while strategic marketing spends are allocated judiciously based on data-driven insights. The comprehensive Customer 360° view integrates purchasing patterns, preferences, and feedback, facilitating the optimization of trade promotions and refining the marketing mix model.

    Businesses can employ optimization algorithms to find the equilibrium between competitive pricing and profitability. These algorithms consider cost structures, competitor pricing data, and market demand elasticity, ensuring businesses make data-driven decisions to achieve a competitive yet profitable pricing strategy. Models such as Cost-Plus Pricing or Value-Based Pricing are often adopted to strike the right balance.

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