Empowered an AlcoBev giant with Anaplan driven Enterprise planning

    Client : Multinational Alcoholic Beverage Company
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    Problem Statement Problem Statement

    For our multinational alcoholic beverage client, the planning and forecasting processes had posed significant operational complexities. These issues affected informed decision-making, supply chain optimization, and financial management. They needed a streamlined approach to predict sales volumes, manage trade investments, plan promotional activities, create annual operating plans, and handle financial reporting more efficiently. This is critical to enhance operational efficiency, improving planning accuracy, and aligning financial objectives with their overall performance.

    Key Challenges Key Challenges
    • Inadequate forecast and insufficient capabilities for analysing the root causes.
    • Absence of a comprehensive and integrated planning solution that encompasses the S&OP, sales, trade investment and financial reporting Heavy reliance on manual processes for reporting and a lack of automation.
    • Limited visibility into historical trends and time-consuming maintenance efforts for activities like trade investments, A&P spend, reporting and financials.
    • Inefficient budget planning across all the SKUs.
    Solution Areas Solution Areas

    Encompassing different areas to improve the entire planning process

    • Customer & Segmentation planning for sales volume forecasting, trade investment & budgeting
    • S&OP, Financial Planning and Reporting to standardized planning and control over financials.
    • A&P planning and budgeting: Long-term scenario planning for promotional activities/li>
    • Trade Investments & Volume Planning for integrate supply-chain planning process.
    Architecting with the Best Tech Stack
    • Microsoft
    • Azure
    • Power BI
    • SQL
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    Business Impact
    • 25% Improved accuracy in Demand Forecasting
    • 100% visibility of both BTL and ATL activities, reporting and financials, trade investments and A&P spend
    • 35% increased efficiency due to automation
    • 35% 10-15% Increased ROI in Trade Investments
    Project Timeline

    Ongoing Support

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