Enhanced Sales Planning and Performance for a Global Crop Sciences Company

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    Problem Statement Problem Statement

    The client aspires to obtain sales & marketing analytics, on top of the consolidated data, integrating their functionalities & repository. However, their current data architecture presents significant challenges like data fragmentation, limited visibility, and data infrastructure limitations.

    Key Challenges Key Challenges
    • Frequent Sales & Organization Hierarchy (SOH) changes and missing SOH-Geo mapping hinder reliable historical comparisons.
    • Lack of data transparency hinders insights into farmer practices, buying habits, and sales representatives' performance.
    • Extensive rural network raises credit risk, driving inventory bloat, product returns, obsolescence, and working capital strain.
    • Difficulty measuring programs' reach to the intended audience (farmers) due to potential benefit capture by intermediaries hinders a clear understanding of program effectiveness.
    Solution Implemented Solution Implemented
    • Spatial Analytics combined with Segmentation & Descriptive Analytics.

    • Advisor Analytics

    • Advanced Agronomic Analytics

    • Segmentation & Cohort Analysis

    • Data integration

    • Sales Dashboarding & Performance Metrics
    Architecting with the Best Tech Stack
    • PostgreSQL
    • Tableau
    • AWS
    • Amazon S3
    Any Challenges ?
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    Business Impact
    • 800+ users (sales reps) empowered with actional insights.
    • 3,000+ FTOs & 600,000+ Villages Optimized through Standardized SOH-Geo mapping.
    • 10 Million+ Farmers Targeted across various initiatives and performance indicators (KPIs).

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