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    • With Generative AI as the new innovation catalyst companies expect productivity increase
    • 30-50% Efficiency and effectiveness gains
    • 70% Automation in work across industries
    • 15-40% increase in the impact of all artificial intelligence
    Generative AI use cases: From concept to possibilities
    Generative AI
    Chatbots & Virtual Assitants
    Chatbots & Virtual Assitants
    • Internal document and data base search assistant with knowledge base
    • Customer service chatbots
    • Specific knowledge bots for Medical, Pharma, HR, or Sales purposes
    • Simplify key information by extracting key content directly
    Prompt Engineering & Automation
    Prompt Engineering & Automation
    • Database querying with NLP
    • Direct Prompts (Zero-Shots)
    • Document search with Conversational AI
    • Integration into existing workflows
    Data Parsing & Synthesis
    Data Parsing & Synthesis
    • Search, summarize, and match data
    • Text summarization & Information extraction
    • Checking contract details for compliance
    • Generate synthetic data based on historical patterns
    • Data summarization from documents
    Classification & Segmentation
    Classification & Segmentation
    • Anomaly detection for Risk & Audit
    • Inventory predictions
    • Content & Customer segmentation
    • Feedback classification & Sentiment analysis
    Polestar as Top Generative AI Service Providers - PeMa Quadrant 2023

    We're thrilled about our inclusion in the Gen AI report by AIM Research as "Seasoned Vendors". This is a validation to our dedication to push the boundaries of innovation with the help of emerging technologies,

    From leveraging LLMs as As-Is to creating custom applications with LLMs our maturity in understanding and building models we have been judged based on model capabilities, ease of use, pricing, customer support, compliance, scalability, and integration capabilities

    Generative AI Service Providers - PeMa Quadrant 2023
    The Generative AI advantage to boost efficiency
    • IT
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Finance
    • Human Resource
    • Supply Chain & operations
    • Custom Solutions

    From code optimization to productivity optimization by reducing the queries, you can increase IT effectiveness with Gen AI

    • Data retrieval with natural language prompts
    • Generate realistic honeypots to improve threat detection
    • Reduce pressure on human support team with chatbots
    • Detect anomalies faster by analyzing the security logs
    Want to query your database as if it's a conversation on MS Teams?

    From gaining insights from personalized data to customized reach-outs craft compelling recommendations to improve effectiveness

    • Generate custom campaigns based on purchase history
    • Knowledge-bot based to suggest next actions
    • Create segments of customers based on historical data
    • Build Customer experience conversational assistants for better interactions & support
    Know whether you are truly ready to start your Generative AI implementation with our 5 step approach
    Sales and Marketing

    Create a sociotechnical society where you augment humans with tech for underwriting, credit reviews,

    • Creating preliminary drafts for tasks and supplementing reviews
    • Drafting highlights of reports for business partners and investors
    • Financial statements & data summarization with interpretation
    • Serve as assistants for analysts for sifting through transcripts
    Looking to kick-start your LLM journey? Try out this prompt cheat sheet with frameworks

    Reduce request approval times, improve engagement, and create a tech-enabled hiring to retiring process

    • Enable resume-parsing that ranks CVs based on similarity with JD
    • Create support bots that can create real-time engagement events
    • Leverage LLMs from creating JDs to create summary views
    • Act as a co-pilot to Managers for targeted interventions
    Add a deeper & insightful helper to your operations and employees
    Human Resource

    From advisory, creation, automation, to protection Generative AI in supply chain improves operations and optimizes processes

    • Intelligence from vendor suggestion to asset maintenance
    • Build chatbots as supply chain advisors for specific recommendations like sustainability, delivery schedules, etc.
    • Develop potential solutions and a service plan to augment predictive maintenance practices
    Know how you can have a gradual AI transformation starting from descriptive analytics to self aware AI
    Supply Chain & operations

    Though most brands expect a productivity and operational efficiency boost with Gen AI, they can build specific solutions like:

    • Suggesting new molecular structures or potential drug candidates
    • Added advantage to predictive maintenance in manufacturing
    • Support pharmacovigilance efforts for adverse event detection
    • Assist fraud detection by identifying patterns and anomalies
    Find disruptive possibilities for enhancing revenue, cutting costs, and boosting productivity
    Custom Solutions
    Beyond the Lab: Real-world GenAI Adoption
    Case Study
    Case Study

    Prompt engineering: Database Query

    Our solution helped a service-based technology conglomerate run queries directly on database and get the answer all right from MSTeams environment.

    We leveraged Power Automate, Azure services like Azure OpenAI, Container Apps, Azure API Management Services, and Azure DevOps

    Case Study
    Case Study

    Resume Parsing Model to streamline the recruitment process

    We utilized technologies like GPT 4.0., Llama AI, Open APIs, and AI models to train models to matching resumes with JD based on either Jaccard Matrix or Cosine similarity, etc. and get output as ranking and downloadable high rank CVs for companies across multiple domains

    Executive's guide to getting started Generative AI

    Right now, the questions that most CTOs and CEOs ask is not What is Generative AI, but rather how do we get started with it and what use cases should we start with.

    With this eBook understand the areas of resistance and how to overcome them to pilot your Generative AI project.

    started Generative AI
    Featured insights

    From low difficulty to high difficulty use cases, Generative AI can be integrated into workflows for improving operational efficiency, classification, content creation, prompt engineering, or process optimization, etc. We create the user flows and use cases by considering these parameters:

    • Data Considerations
    • Data security
    • Design flow
    • Design patterns
    • Benefits

    In some cases though it is very soon to talk about the final benefits, we've seen our clients have seen

    • Improved productivity
    • Faster reconciliation
    • Faster analytics Turn around time
    • Research augmentation
    • Improved knowledge with Internal bots

    and more..

    Yes, we pre-train models on a variety of data before we let our clients/ end-users work on it. We train and tune the data to the parameters based on our clients data which can be seen during our PoC (Proof of concept). Reach out to us in case you would like to know more.

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