Precision marketing, streamlined delivery: the FMCG growth formula

    We drive real impact by transforming your business problems into measurable solutions

    • Fast-track product Analytics, revolutionizing customer engagement & shopping experiences
    • 7% Reduction in fuel costs through route optimizations
    • $1M+ Lower inventory using AI-driven forecasting & supply chain control tower
    • 4-7% Uplift in volume sales of select SKUs with pricing analytics & recommendations
    Beyond the barcode: Data predicts trends, optimizes stock, and fuels happy customers
    • Pricing Analytics & Trade Promotion
    • Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization
    • Sales forecast & Sentiment Analysis
    • Assortment Intelligence
    • Marketing Mix Modelling

    Drive sales and enhance brand awareness by determining the right discounts & managing the pricing strategies

    • Analyze promotions' true impact and cannibalization across stores, regions, and products
    • Utilize seasonal variations, base prices, discounts, and catalog data for profitability insights
    • Study elasticity to customize and optimize prices
    Confront the consequences of neglecting pricing and master pricing with analytics techniques
    Pricing Analytics & Trade Promotion Optimization

    Sync production seamlessly with market demand through precision inventory and supply chain optimization

    • Employ statistical modeling for inventory vs. lost sales scenario analysis
    • Develop robust demand forecasts through statistical analysis across channels (online, offline)
    • Create the best-in-class S&OP designs with ease
    • Manage returns, prioritize orders, track data in real-time
    Know how you can have a gradual AI transformation starting from descriptive analytics to self aware AI
    Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization

    Predict sales and understand what drives them: Customer sentiment analysis for lasting connections.

    • Build a strong sales forecasting model using aggregated data and statistical analysis
    • Predict model popularity using AI and customer segmentation from sales, browsing, and market data.
    • A text mining model for parsing conversations into positive, neutral and negative buckets
    Ride the Sales analytics bandwagon by building a roadmap to future-fit sales analytics
    Sales forecast & Customer Sentiment Analysis

    Right-size your shelves, maximize sales: From insights to in-stock, get right analytics for the science of stocking.

    • Adjust product mix and pricing to make profitable pricing decisions and drive sales performance
    • Utilize predictive algorithms for product trend analysis
    • Identify product correlations to optimize assortment planning and increase sales with market basket analysis
    Fine-tune FMCG assortment plans for enhanced consumer satisfaction & profitability
    Assortment Intelligence

    Every marketing dollar counts: Invest in marketing channels that deliver the most sales - data-driven insights for optimal ROI

    • Construct an analytical model to demonstrate the impact of diverse marketing campaigns on sales.
    • Evaluate media effectiveness, ROI, and simulate hypothetical scenarios.
    • Analyze the consumer behaviour with regard to exposure to advertising
    Marketing Mix Model 2.0: The Analytics and AI Powered MMM for higher marketing ROI
    Marketing Mix Modelling
    Discovery workshop: To fast track analytics success

    Engage in interactive sessions with our diverse techno-functional experts:

    • Align enterprise goals with analytics program vision
    • Assess platform performance with per-built diagnostics.
    • Obtain expert guidance on technology stack selection.
    • Receive solution wire frames for proof of concept.
    Discovery workshop: To fast track analytics success
    Optimizing the Shelf: Smart Data, Smarter Supply Chain

    At Polestar, we bring carefully curated insights using statistical techniques and ML models to uncover trends and correlations for pricing & trade promotion optimization, sentiment analysis, market basket analysis, and more

    We work have worked on activities related to:

    • Demand Forecasting, Automation, & Trade Promotion
    • Data management & reporting capabilities
    • Cross-branch collaboration & transparency
    • Scalability of the solutions, lead to extensive connectivity across S&OP, financial, and volume planning
    25% Improvement in accuracy enhanced demand forecasting
    99.8% Reduction in the time taken to access T-1 reports
    40% Increase in cross-branch collaboration:
    73% Reduction in reporting discrepancies across branches
    Polestar's Accelerators
    Bring in Supply Chain control tower capabilities for better visibility
    Bring in Supply Chain control tower capabilities for better visibility

    Supply Chain Control Tower
    • Bring in Supply Chain control tower capabilities for better visibility
    • Improved data flow across suppliers, manufacturers, transporters, warehouses, retailers, and logistics
    • For better risk assessment and cost reduction with easier collaboration
    Enabling Procurement leaders to collaborate, deliver, and consolidate easily
    Enabling Procurement leaders to collaborate, deliver, and consolidate easily


    Get details about Direct Material Sourcing with:

    • Budget builder to provide a collaboration workspace in developing annual budgets
    • Supply solver for reviewing supplier quality, delivery and price performance all at once
    • Variance vision to aggregate information for consolidating volume and price variances
    Featured insights

    We employ advanced data analytics techniques and rigorous quality control measures to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our insights. Our team conducts thorough data cleansing, normalization, and data validation to identify and rectify any inconsistencies or errors.

    Yes, we offer comprehensive training and ongoing support for our FMCG clients utilizing our data analytics tools. Our training program includes customized workshops and tutorials tailored to the specific needs and skill levels of our clients. Additionally, we provide access to user documentation, online resources, and technical support channels to assist with any questions or issues that may arise during implementation and usage of our tools.

    Certainly, Polestar Solutions excels in seamlessly integrating its analytics solutions with your existing IT infrastructure. The integration process is designed to be efficient, and we have achieved an average reduction of 25% in implementation time. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free transition, with a track record of successful integrations for over 238+ clients. Our team is dedicated to providing a robust and well-coordinated integration experience with 949+ successful integrations that aligns with specific needs and requirements.

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