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Fine-tuning Assortment Plans for Retailers

This ebook delves into the critical art of assortment planning for retailers, guiding them through the maze of selecting the right products, in the right quantities, for the right place and time.

Key challenges addressed include:

  • Shifting customer behavior: Customers today are demanding, time-pressed, and driven by trends, making demand forecasting difficult.
  • Balancing business constraints: Inventory space, budget limitations, and vendor relationships add complexity to planning.
  • Optimizing for both evergreen and seasonal products: Catering to year-round needs while adapting to seasonal fluctuations is crucial.

The ebook offers a roadmap for success, outlining:

  • Macro-level strategies: Analyzing industry trends, competitor landscape, customer segments, and financial targets.
  • Micro-level optimization: Tailoring assortments to individual stores, managing categories, selecting products, and allocating inventory.
  • Five pillars of excellence: Width optimization, assortment selection, size planning, in-season allocation, and product lifecycle management.
  • The art of delisting and listing: Strategic decisions on adding, removing, and adjusting stock levels for optimal performance.
  • Measuring success with KPIs: Tracking key metrics like sales, margin, and basket size to monitor progress.
  • Embracing the future:Leveraging AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics tools for smarter planning.
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