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CFO’s starter guide to Financial Analytics Ft. Polestar

We’ve curated this document specifically to showcase our solutions to get started with Financial Planning:

1. FP&A Starter App

At the heart of finance is a need to amalgamate data and conduct “true” analysis without being in siloes. With this solution datasheet, get an idea about:

  • The building blocks of Integrated FP&A
  • Key features of Polestar’s FP&A Starter App
  • What is the expected output/outcome
  • How we make it truly integrated with our Wormhole!
  • Key benefits of bi-directional data flow with wormhole

2. Revenue Forecasting and Deal-margin management solution

Though most companies want margin visibility across their service lines with a clear breakup of revenue forecasts, and what-if simulations for multiple currency forecasts – they struggle with challenges like manual reconciliation, no real-time insights, increasing complexities and more. Then our solution based on Anaplan can help!

  • Take a look at our solution datasheet, to get an idea of:
  • Traditional process of Revenue forecasting
  • Signs that you need to move away from it
  • Benefits and Impact of Revenue forecasting with Anaplan
  • Key components of our solution

For more detailed information about these or other extended planning and analytics solutions, reach out to us at marketing@polestarllp.com!

guide to financial analytics
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