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Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Business intelligence consulting services

Define business intelligence processes & roadmaps for driving strategic business decisions.

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A proper BI Consulting can help your business realize its goals, vision, and ambitions regardless of its size. But Business Intelligence implementation is not an easy task and requires some amount of preparation beforehand which requires technical and industry knowledge. The right tools can help you focus on self-service capabilities, reduce IT dependencies, enable decision-makers to recognize performance gaps, market trends, or new revenue opportunities more quickly.

Our business intelligence services will help you Identify, Define, Build And Develop a BI strategy by bringing together people, skills, processes, metrics, and technologies that will suit your requirements. It would serve the ambitions of your organization and support the latest technological developments while being Agile.

Our Strategic BI Consulting Steps Include

Asking why are you building the BI practice for your company and what do you want to achieve to have your vision throughout the implementation

To prevent a change in direction and keep a track of key metrics a BI Governance team would be able to revisit your BI Maturity model effectively

Steps in finding the right BI Strategy

Aligning the people and processes to your vision by establishing a BI team to have a clear view of their roles and responsibilities, functions, and goals

Identifying the right tool suitable for your organization capabilities and needs for a clear BI Architecture with dashboards and solutions you want to build

BI Consulting
BI Strategy and Roadmap

Comprehensive BI Strategy planning

Executive BI adoption

C-Suite Change Adoption

TCO of BI Initiatives

Calculate ROI to Lower upfront costs

Big Data Integration

Structuring unstructured data

Master Data Management

Modernize your Data Environment

Data Governance & Quality

Delivering trust & assurance

Active Intelligence

Move from passive to Active BI

Tool Selection

Finding the right fit for you

Our Roadmap for Business Intelligence Consulting

Requirements Engineering

Requirements Engineering

Perform a feasibility study to identify your future requirements and existing business needs to define your functional and nonfunctional requirements for a BI solution for identifying solutions

  • Identifying the BI Vision
  • Plan to identify means to handle data management and data governance
  • Co-ordinate and identify the BI players and teams involved
DWH Development

BI Platform Evaluation

With the multiple tools available in the market, aligning your vision and strategy with the requirements identified, our BI Consultants will evaluate the platforms to choose the right tool accordingly

  • Alignment of tools and requirements
  • BI architecture aligned with corporate strategy
  • Establish data quality assurance processes
Methodology Identification

Methodology Identification

Once the tool is chosen, the stakeholders have to be identified and separated into primary and supporting all the while deciding on the governance and processes

  • Defining data sources and ETL procedures
  • Establishing a BI competency center
  • Conceptualize the solution architecture with detailed features
Project Planning

Project Planning

Strategic mapping and road map creation for the deliverables, variables, and architecture identified in the previous steps for a successful Business Intelligence implementation

  • Identifying the BI Vision
  • Plan to identify means to handle data management and data governance
  • Co-ordinate and identify the BI players and teams involved
BI Implementation

BI Implementation

Our Implementation services deliver the back end and the front end of the BI solution and implement ETL processes for each of the data sources and help in

  • Setting up data quality management and data security
  • Reports and dashboards design
  • Set up Quality assurance procedures
  • Performing user acceptance tests
Solution support & evolution

Solution support & evolution

In the complete BI implementation Governance, User training and adjusting existing workflows are important. With our solution support services we offer:

  • Evolution with embedded analytics services
  • Upgrade with advanced analytics services
  • User support from technical, functional, and data standpoints

Sample Deliverables & Dashboards

Client Success Stories

Reduced data
BPO Giant Improves Data Governance To Achieve Unrelenting Growth With Power BI

Our client is a leader in operation management, consulting and analytics with its services ranging across a broad array of industries like insurance, healthcare, banking & financial services, utilities, travel, transportation & logistics.

Reduced data
Fastest Growing FMCG Brand Streamlines Sales Data And Reporting System With MSBI And Power BI

Our client is an Indian food delivery company based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is India's largest and fastest-growing food services company, with a network of 1400+ restaurants...

Reduced data
Largest Indian B2B Marketplace Optimizes Sales Reporting With Amazon Redshift & Microsoft Power BI

Our client is one of the largest B2B marketplaces in India. Different segments of buyers and suppliers starting from SMEs, MSMEs to large corporates and even individuals use the platform...


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