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Synapse Analytics empowers data-driven insights for Insurance Giant

Synapse Analytics empowers data-driven insights for Insurance Giant

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Business impact
  • 100% visibility of real-time data
  • 40% reduction in infrastructure operational expense
  • 95% reduction in reporting Turn-around time
  • 98% Reduction in data integration time

Client - Insurance Company

Problem Statement

The Insurance Company, our valued client, faced significant challenges in managing and utilizing their vast and diverse data resources efficiently. Consequently, they resorted to manual business reporting, which lacked real-time insights. Additionally, the company struggled to integrate diverse data sources into their system, resulting in data quality concerns.

Key Challenges
  • Lack of centralized data repository for real-time reporting.
  • Absence of data integration frameworks and data exploration space.
  • Inconsistencies in data availability and quality requiring data governance.
  • Business users reconciling fragmented and inaccurate data.
  • Manual business reporting causing delays and inefficiency.
Solution Areas
  • End-to-end management of project activities, including effort estimation, and activity definition, in order to ensure compliance with project SLA standards
  • Loaded data from different sources to Data Lake and then to Dedicated SQL Pool using Azure data factory
  • Created dimensional object and tables and source to target mappings
  • Designed Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Developed end-to-end reporting solutions with Power BI
  • Implemented row level security for agents under multiple leaders and across channels
  • Participated in data analysis/ validation/ reconciliation and customer review meetings

Tech Stack

  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Power BI

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