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Data Lake Services

Data Lake Services

Get started by evaluating your current infrastructure and identifying opportunities to scale your analytics needs.

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Unraveling the maximum potential of enterprise big data needs that enterprises look beyond the traditional approach and go all in to transform digital data noise into inspired insights. Polestar Solutions Data Lake solutions help you build, assess, and leverage data lake environments. We assist our clients and stakeholders to manage and govern their data efficiently, more secured, and ready for analytics. Our deep expertise and experience in various search and analytics technologies-such as Hadoop, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Cloudera - help you leverage the data lake for multiple business use cases.


Our Approach

Identify and prioritize high-value use cases that help you beat the competition

Work with your existing teams to optimize business outcomes

Focus on integrating existing data sets and tools into advanced solutions

Track and trace data lineage to ensure data quality and deliver reliable insights.

Utilize pre-built components and quality templates for integration and data access

Drive positive results by mapping existing and new technology assets to your business objectives

Our Data Lake Service Offerings

Data Lake Consulting
Data Lake Consulting
  • Assessment of Data Sources and existing Infrastructure
  • Data Integration, Accessibility & Migration Requirements
  • Data Warehouse Workload Estimation & Costing
  • DWH Platforms & Tech-stack - On premise, Cloud or Hybrid
Data Lake Development
Data Lake Development
  • Conceptualizing a Data Model based on business Objectives
  • Identification & Extraction from Data Sources (E)
  • Data Cleaning and Transformation to improve quality (T)
  • Loading the data into a centralized repository (L)
DWH Optimization
DWH Optimization
  • Diagnostics Report of the existing DWH Setup
  • Resolving Modeling issues to improve query response time
  • Enabling best practices for Master Data Management
  • Data Cube and Marts assessment

Client Success Stories

Consumer Electronics Giant Streamlined Warehouse Management For Unrivalled Efficiency And Profitability
Consumer Electronics Giant Streamlined Warehouse Management For Unrivalled Efficiency And Profitability

Leading businesses stay relevant through incremental improvement in their processes. This century-old Consumer Electronics company had a knack for evolving with the market.

Global Alcoholic Beverages Firm Resolves Sales Data Challenges With Microsoft Azure And Power BI Stack
Global Alcoholic Beverages Firm Resolves Sales Data Challenges With Microsoft Azure And Power BI Stack

Our client is a leading beverage multi-national, famous for some iconic alcoholic labels & brands. The Indian division of the company was facing difficulties in data accumulation...

Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView
Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView

Our client is India’s Largest Airport Concessionaire. They strive to provide world-class infrastructure & facilities. To meet the customer’s requirements more effectively...


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Frequently Asked Questions

With well-designed and scalable Data Lake solutions, you can meet big data challenges and drive to a higher level of real-time data analytics. With Data Lake you can have massive, fast, secure, and accessible storage which gives the user durability and accessibility of storage.

Data Lake benefits for an organization are enormous, they can be used by data scientists when analytical and predictive insights are needed from the data. Data Lakes are also used when you have structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data from various sources.

Choosing a Data Lake Management Platform can be very vital for your business’s present and future needs, which involves various parameters. Our Data Lake experts help you choose the best Data lake services after preliminary analysis and discussion in our Discovery workshops.

A Data Lake provides the flexibility needed to store raw data and a shared pool to combine multiple points and shape the data to provide valuable insights customized to meet the customer's needs and requirements. It can be utilized in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Big data processing,
  • Data visualization,
  • Machine-learning tools and AI.

A data lake architecture enables organizations to handle ever-increasing data volumes, varieties, and velocities while providing security and the ability to process and govern the data consistently. A single repository can then service various analytics workloads such as visualizations, dashboards, and machine learning.

A data lake enables the business to introduce additional use cases for the data without impacting existing ones. It also provides separation between storage and computing, thus ensuring that different applications that consume the data will have minimal impact on each other.

There are five key pillars of a successful data lake solution:

  • Data Ingestion/Processing Mechanism
  • Data Catalog
  • Data Storage
  • Data Lake Governance and Platform Services
  • Data Exploration and Visualization

The bottom line is that a data lake can be handy, making your data analysis more efficient and specialized. On the other hand, if your data lake is unregulated and unsupervised by trusted IT professionals, you run the risk of creating a data mess. Here are a few risk factors:

  • Complexed Data Security and Governance
  • Long Time-to-Value
  • Challenges with data structure
  • Lack of Skills
  • Management Difficulty

Get in touch with our team of Data Lake Experts, consisting of solution architects, data management experts, consultants, engineers & business analysts who have helped numerous organizations streamline the data discovery, insights delivery, and administration of Data Lake platforms such as - Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, Hadoop, Google Cloud & AWS. You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will hand hold the data lake implementation along with the stakeholders from the client side and ensure timely resolution of queries and adherence to committed timelines.

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