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Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning redesigned with Anaplan for an emerging Services conglomerate

“We have seen a tremendous improvement in resource utilization and we are able to minimize bench periods for resources. More importantly, due to timely fulfillment of demands, the lost opportunities have reduced significantly”

Sales Head - AMER & EMEA, Services conglomerate


About the company

Our client is a leading Services conglomerate with a presence across US and India. Their focus has been on delivering high-quality technological solutions to multiple industries across 14 countries. Services offered by them include Data Analytics, Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence for industries including Retail, CPG, and BFSI.

Underlying Practices

At the heart and core of any organization especially Service based companies are the people. As such people management forms a very important activity in the value chain of the company. The existing people management before the implementation was majorly done on a one-to-one basis and based on the knowledge of the industry leaders and the managers. Therefore most of the data were distributed across emails, spreadsheets, and manual reconciliations.

Key Challenges

Data Discovery Assessment

As a part of Discovery Workshops, our team of industry experts had a series of detailed discussions with the Workforce planning team or the Human Resource Team, the delivery team, the sales team, and the finance team to understand in detail how the existing process of workforce planning works. For example, the process flow was identified as follows:

Workforce planning Process Flow of Services based conglomerate

Workforce planning

As you can see some of the databases involved in it are HRMS, CRM, Spreadsheets, Timesheet Data, Purchase Order/Invoice data, and much more. From the data gathered after the assessment and after multiple brainstorming sessions, and architecture envisioning we have identified aspects where we can help our client with.

Solution Implementation

After the detailed & rigorous discovery workshop, we analyzed the existing processes and “as-is” of the company, and we came to the conclusion that Anaplan would be the best solution for the given condition. And we proposed some of the changes to the Workforce planning as follows:

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    Create a centralized repository connecting the Master Employee Data with their allocation status

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    Connecting the sales pipeline to the demand tracker to inform the delivery/resource management teams

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    Automating the flow of data from multiple sources to one place

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    Restricted role-based access for resource planning, demand generation, and employee management

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    Creation of new Projects starting in ERP, upon the 'Win' stage in CRM

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    Calculating the booked/invoiced amount basis the employee level time-sheets data and comparing against purchase order value [To give the PMs or TLs a view of the budget remaining]

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    Separate environments created for Demand Management and Resource Management

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    Clear visibility of the utilization of resources for the Current Fortnight (CN), Nex Fortnight (NF), and Next to Next Fortnight (NNF) - basically T+42 days

All of the changes were made possible with Anaplan. Some of the advantages that Anaplan has for Workforce Planning are:

Here's a representation of the Demand generation planning view of the sales team:

Demand generation

Impact Delivered

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