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Qlik Solution Provider

Qlik solution provider

Design, develop, and deploy sophisticated enterprise-grade Qlik Solutions

You have the power to transform your Passive BI into Active BI, eliminate all your data problems with Qlik!

Unlock your raw data

96% global enterprises find it challenging to identify data source for analysis

Uncover rich insights

47% of global organizations find it difficult to ensure whether interpretation of analysis is right

Achieve your business outcomes

75% saw an improvement in their profit, revenue, efficiency, or productivity

How we help organizations passionate about data literacy

Get the ability to act on reliable data by establishing a data analytics pipeline. Let us help you combine Data Quality, Data Security, Data Trust, and Data Governance all under one umbrella.

Perform a diagnostic check on your existing Qlik implementations to provide insights on license rationalization, unused fields, and excess memory occupied in a particular application to suggestive corrective measures.

Request Qlik Health Check
Qlik Health Check

Get the benefits of Multi-cloud deployment and Augmented Intelligence by migrating from QlikView to Qlik sense, and also a better intuitive user experience and better support for mobile devices and data storytelling

Request Qlik Migration services
Qlikview to Qlik Sense migration

Get best-in-class qlik bi visualizations & dashboards backed with unmatched speed and flexibility of Qlik's Associative Engine to support your guided analytics, free-form exploration, and embedded analytics with full-interactivity

Get Qlik Implementation
Qlik Implementation & Roadmap

We can help you with your existing Qlik services or for modification and development of requirements like - Upgrading your QlikView/ Qlik Sense servers to the latest versions, analyze issues over a period of time, and suggesting changes accordingly.

Request Qlik Support Services
Qlik Support & Enhancement
On the look-out for a Qlik Partner who can help you with:
  • Qlik Sense Implementation for your organization
  • Qlik Models and Architecture Optimization
  • Qlik Training and Support for increased adoption across company
  • Qlik Migration, Embedding Qlik into other applications, and more..
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Qlik Value-added Products
Qlik Value-added Products
  • Qlik Data Integration

    Leverage Change Data Capture, Warehouse Automation, Data Lake creation, Hybrid Data Delivery, and automation.
  • Qlik Active Intelligence

    Transition from Passive BI to Modern BI with continuous real-time data to establish a data analytics pipeline to trigger actionable insights.
  • QAP & Embedded Analytics

    Bring Analytics to your workplace with Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP) and by embedding Qlik within your existing applications.
  • Qlik Data Sources & Connectors

    Combine data from databases, applications, spreadsheets, websites, Big Data lakes, and custom sources for real-time connectivity.
  • Qlik Cloud Data services

    Inculcate an DataOps approach with an integrated catalog of technical, operational, and business metadata to bring transparency and confidence.
  • Qlik NPrinting

    Share knowledge across the organization automatically in standard formats like PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML.
Featured Case Study Section
Qlik Sense to optimize data management and reporting

HCL Infosystem revolutionized their Data-driven Decision making by using Qlik. Eliminate multiple sources of data truths and create seamless data management and reporting all under the same roof.

  • 99%

    reduction in manual intervention

  • 1000+

    reports delivery automized

  • 80%

    staff adoption with mobile app

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Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView

For our extra-ordinary implementation effort and extensive support - Polestar was awarded the Best vendor by the group.

The QlikView implementation provided has been so effective that they are contemplating extending it to other functions like Aero, Cargo, SPG & Operations.

  • 3X

    User adoption

  • 98%

    improvement in system performance

  • 2.4M

    Overall saving in operational expense

View Case Study
Polestar's Qlik Add-on Products
Mashup Generator

Designed for Qlik Users to “Mashup” and bring all their crucial KPIs into personalized view as per their requirement.

Qlik Buzz

Increase collaboration on Qlik with QlikBuzz and maintain traceability of decisions of KPIs on Qlik Dashboards

Accio Qlik

With Accio-Qlik bring insights directly in front of your eyes as configurable post-it notes on your desktop

Qlik For Industries & Verticals
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Frequently Asked Questions

QlikView is the first-generation BI solution by Qlik mainly started for Guided Analytics, whereas Qlik Sense, introduced in 2014 is the next-generation platform for modern analytics. It functions as a Self-service Discovery and BI platform with Saas, Multi-cloud, and Offline mobile platforms.

Qlik makes it easy to connect and combine data from hundreds of data sources - from apps and databases to cloud services, files, and more. You can connect to nearly any data source via ODBC, Rest API, or Web Connector.

Built on Open APIs, the Qlik Data Integration platform allows you to integrate data from multiple platforms and also allows users to embed its visual analytics capabilities to other workflows. With Qlik Sense Mobile, Cloud, and Desktop you can share visualizations across devices.

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