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Qlik business intelligence & visualization services

Elevate Data with Qlik BI Visualization for Informed Decision-Making
  • Looking to reinvent business processes and optimize business performance?
  • Want Best-in-class qlik visualization and discovery at your fingertips?
  • Looking to add something extra in addition to the Traditional BI Solutions?
  • Want multiple use-cases under the same platform?

Transform your Business data to give active insights and to visualize real-time interactive dashboards. The combined industry and technology expertise of Polestar Solutions integrated with Qlik's solutions can help you realize your analytics potential to the fullest.

Implement real-time dashboards that are required by your business leaders by automating predefined persona-specific BI dashboards & reports with ad-hoc querying and reporting. With our detailed data discovery workshop , we will understand all your requirements in detail before the implementation.

Why Qlik Sense as your Analytics tool?

Self-service Visualization

Get a broad library of world-class smart visualization with assistance from Insight Advisor

Interactive Dashboards

Create, share and distribute powerful dashboards to support executives


Build, publish and share great looking reports in popular formats easily

Search & Conversational

Get a fully interactive natural language experience with Qlik Sense for visual discovery


Create custom data alerts so you can monitor your data without limitations

Advanced Analytics

Leverage advanced capabilities even if you aren't a Data scientist

Active Intelligence with Qlik Sense

Active Intelligence with Qlik Sense

Looking for Qlik Implementation at your company?

Here are the steps we normally have before your Implementation

01 Data Discovery Workshop

Review and assessment of the requirements and current state of your analytics infrastructure to map the Roadmap, vision-alignment, and diagnostics to identify the level and type of adoption or migration required

02 Implementation

After a detailed analysis of your data requirements, Qlik Sense applications can be built to seize every business moment with intelligent alerting, powerful collaboration, mobile and embedded analytics

03 Support & Visualization

Know how to combine real-time data pipeline into your workflow with our Qlik experts who can help increase the Analytics adoption of your organization by training and workshops

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Polestar's Qlik Add-on Products
Mashup Generator

Designed for Qlik Users to “Mashup” and bring all their crucial KPIs into personalized view as per their requirement.

Qlik Buzz

Increase collaboration on Qlik with QlikBuzz and maintain traceability of decisions of KPIs on Qlik Dashboards

Accio Qlik

With Accio-Qlik bring insights directly in front of your eyes as configurable post-it notes on your desktop

Frequently Asked Questions

When dynamic information is needed, traditional BI falls short. Therfore, qlik business intelligence goes beyond the traditional to help organizations innovate the way they manage their data

Qlik Sense provides the most complete data analytics capability set in the industry from self-service visualization, embedded analytics, to augmented analytics.

With Self-service BI you can get the benefit of Faster insights, Deeper Discovery with freedom to explore relevant data, increased data literacy and reduced IT burden

Get started On Your Data Journey with Qlik
Why Partner with Polestar for Qlik?
  • A pool of 200+ BI consultants, developers, and architects

  • Working on BI and Big data projects with Qlik since 2015

  • A pool of 200+ BI consultants, developers, and architects

  • Qlik Elite Partners and Members of ‘Qlik Partner Advisory Council’ for the APAC Region

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified

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