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Microsoft Power BI services

Microsoft Power BI Services

Drive informed decision-making with interactive microsoft power bi consulting and solutions, transforming your business data into actionable insights.

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Get self service analytics platform at an enterprise scale

Reduce the additional costs, uncertainty, and security threats associated with various solutions using a Power BI tool that scales from individuals to the whole enterprise.

Use smart tools powered by AI for solid results

Our Microsoft Power BI services help you find and share valuable insights with hundreds of data visualizations, built-in AI capabilities, robust Excel integration, and prebuilt and custom data connectors.

Safeguarding the integrity of your analytics data

We provide advanced sensitivity identification and data loss protection features in our Custom Power BI Solutions that assist in safeguarding the security and compatibility of your data, even during export.

Methodologies that adapt well to your organizational needs

Know how Microsoft Power BI turns data into meaningful stories to find answers to diverse business requirements

Sales & Marketing Performance Management
  • Create a roadmap to strategize the data plan
  • Evaluate existing systems
  • Implement a modern Power BI platform
  • Access disparate data sources
  • Enhance data exploration
  • Find insights hidden in your data
  • Create visualizations from multiple datasets
  • View all the key metrics succinctly
  • Customize dashboards as per your business KPIs
  • Get interactive reporting solutions
  • Drill down into detailed pages
  • Secure access to Power BI reports
  • Exposure to data analysis tools and methods
  • Analyze your data and gain insights
  • Discover hidden data patterns

Unlock the full potential of your data with Power BI Implementation Services

  • View all the key metrics succinctly
  • Give visual insights for decision-making
  • Create a roadmap to strategize the data plan
  • Implement a modern BI platform
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As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we offer a forum for collating, analyzing, and visualizing data via immersive reporting and appealing visualization, enabling organizations to increase profitability and discover insights.

At Polestar Solutions, Our Power BI consulting services have assisted organizations in swiftly visualizing and deriving actionable insights from their data to quickly address the data analytics requirements and complexities combining the strength of powerful technologies and our experience.


Highlighting major features: Discover the power of data visualization with Power BI Solutions

Custom dashboards
Power BI advisory services

Power BI dashboards which can be easily personalized to meet business needs. Dashboards can be customized with business intelligence reports to enhance the user experience.

Data modeling
Data modeling

Having the point-and-click analysis interface, Power BI helps in automatic data modeling by preparing the data only once for multiple models.

Ease of integration
Ease of integration

Power BI can be seamlessly integrated with various legacy as well as new age applications for visual representation of available data.

Data Source Connections
Data source connections

With 90+ connectors for data in the cloud and on premise; structured and unstructured, it can connect directly to data sources including sources of real-time and streaming data.

DAX Data Analysis Functionality
DAX Data Analysis functionality

With more than 200 functions, the DAX formula language includes libraries of powerful capabilities to carry out complex computations on your data and create robust analytical models.

Access real-time insights from anywhere
Access real-time insights from anywhere

With touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS and Android, you can get a single, unified view of most critical business data at any time and from anywhere.

Our Power BI Services to make your business data-driven

Our in-house Power BI expert have provided business intelligence solutions for data processing, storage and analysis. We have been converting big company data sets into rich dashboards and reports delivering impressive BI solutions for startups, massive businesses, and SMBs alike.

Power BI Advanced Analytics

Power BI professional integrate machine learning features with advanced analytics. Our power bi expert help you visualize machine learning algorithm results with just dragging, dropping and linking data modules.

Power BI Customization

We offer customization of Power BI dashboards and reporting, enabling you to gain a multi-faceted perspective of your company's data . Moreover, we help you design tailored visuals and features for specific roles and departments within organizations.

BI Platform Services

We provide BI platform services that involve creating customized and dynamic dashboard development, comprising real-time KPIs to facilitate strategic planning and decision-making.

Power BI Migration Services

We'll work with you throughout the entire process, from pre-migration planning and requirements gathering to development planning, POC, solution validation, and Power BI deployment. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and seamless transition to Power BI.

Industry Solutions Built with Power BI

Polestar Solution's years of expertise edged with Power BI's proven ability is best suited to unique business needs from different industry verticals.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

CPG companies can grow market share by understanding underlying geographic & demographic conditions, brand vision, and SKU data to discover key areas to be worked on. Further, visualize data to analyze crucial KPIs like cross-selling opportunities, customer bhevaiour, etc.


Our manufacturing solutions for price optimization, demand forecasting, and preventive maintenance help manufacturers track key supply chain performance indicators like process efficiency, machine utilization, etc. even by utilizing the data science capabilities of Azure.


Empower your financial services firm with engaging and insightful solutions that generate interactive consolidated income statements and balance sheets. With dynamic performance metrics, visualizations, and charts, you can increase transparency and profitability while reducing costs. Unleash your company's full potential with innovative solutions that drive success.


With our automotive solutions, you can maximize the bottom-line performance of your dealer network by identifying key areas of underperformance and gaining daily insights into actionable areas. Visualize your data and drive results with a powerful solution that empowers your team to make informed decisions and achieve success.


Boost your retail game with real-time insights. Gain valuable visibility into your customers' purchasing patterns and predictions, and connect with them more effectively at scale. Elevate your operations and deliver an exceptional shopping experience. Stay ahead of the curve and drive success with powerful, data-driven insights.

Senior Housing
Senior Housing

We help our senior housing clientele unlock their technological potential to offer the best in-house systems, from interactive visualizations and BI capabilities to data management, we assist you to stay ahead of the competition.

Power BI Dashboards: Sample Deliverables & Key Insights

Why partner with Polestar Solutions for Power BI services?

Featured partner case studies
Infused Trust and Transparency with Power BI
Infused Trust and Transparency with Power BI

A fastest growing KPO firm revolutionized their workforce management to deliver crucial business insights to nurture and support their staff every step of the way.

  • 97%

    Reduction in reports TAT

  • 100%

    elimination of manual errors

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Streamlined Sales and Reporting System with Power BI
Streamlined Sales and Reporting System with Power BI

A fastest growing FMCG brand leveraged our capabilities to bring faster time to value on their sales analytics applications and decrease the reporting TAT with MSBI and Power BI.

  • 96%

    Reduction in BI reports turn-around time

  • 8.2

    Man hours saved annually through automation

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Power BI in action
Want to see Power BI in action?
  • Analyse data trends to achieve goals
  • Real-time natural language processing
  • Experts in Advanced analytics
  • Get interactive reporting solutions
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Frequently Asked Questions

Power BI license is divided into three tiers primarily: a free license, a Pro license, or a Premium per-user license. The free license version allows you to create reports with Power BI desktop, with the pro license you can collaborate and publish the content with other Pro users, a premium subscription allows users to create and save content in Premium capacity workspaces.

In addition to this you also get Power BI now as a part of Microsoft fabric – In addition to the premium features this will provide you with access to One Lake storage and access to all synapse and fabric workloads.

Which type of license you need is determined by where and how much of your content is stored, how you plan on interacting with that content, and if you need Premium features. So, feel free to drop us a message about it and we’ll help you selecting the right power BI license.

The Power BI Pro version per user is $10 and Power BI premium per user is $20. You can find more details here.

Power BI seamlessly connects to over 300 built-in connectors, allowing you to access data from various sources like cloud applications (Salesforce, Google Analytics), databases (SQL Server, Oracle), on-premises files (Excel, CSV), and APIs.

Though it has become more easy with Microsoft Fabric, you can easily integrate Power BI with other Microsoft services like Power Automate, Power Apps, and Azure, creating an interconnected analytics and automation ecosystem.

For specialized data sources not covered by these built-in connectors, we can build custom connectors via Azure Data Factory.

Yes, Power BI supports paginated reports. With them you can get highly formatted, print-ready reports for complex data presentations. The advantage of paginated reports is that a single paginated report can have a number of different data sources. It doesn't have an underlying data model, unlike Power BI reports. You create embedded data sources and datasets in the paginated report itself.

Microsoft Fabric is a complete analytics platform that brings together Data Factory, Data Engineering, Data Warehouse, Data Science, Real-Time Analytics, Data Activator, and Power BI in a single experience. That means users need not open multiple layers of architectures and workflows but instead build everything from the same place.

Depending on what the tier you’ve chosen you can gain access to Co-pilot which can create reports directly from data sets, and connect to the data directly without changing the workflows. Power BI semantic models can leverage Direct Lake mode in conjunction with Synapse Data Warehouses in Microsoft Fabric.

There is a robust security encryption keeping all your data secure in Power BI.

Using Microsoft-managed keys, all data persisted by Power BI is encrypted by default. Using Azure SQL's Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) technology, all customer data stored in Azure SQL Databases is fully encrypted. By using Azure Storage Encryption, Azure Blob storage stores customer data securely.Power BI Premium allows organizations to encrypt data at rest that is imported into a dataset using their own keys. Bring your own key (BYOK) is often described as this approach.

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