Beyond dashboards to decisions: Design your Power BI for success
    Managed Services
    Managed Services

    Troubleshoot your struggles with Power BI setup, maintenance, & optimization

    Be it migrating to Power BI or guidance for types of licensing (especially with Co-Pilot now) or configuring for the best specifications ensuring higher ROI, we'll support you throughout. Empower your team with the best support partner!

    Advisory & Training
    Advisory & Training

    Build transformational BI solutions with PL-300 certified experts

    Instead of sifting through hundreds of Power BI videos, materials, and blogs - get answers to your queries with experienced Microsoft BI partners . Our BI specialists not only help you create appealing dashboards but also train you to be equipped for the future.

    Adoption & Best practices
    Adoption & Best practices

    Get strategic guidance for world-class adoption, data literacy, & decision-making

    Learn the secrets of the trade with certified Power BI experts who understand the nuances of both your industry and business too! Get health-checks for your implementation for better change management or training with us to ensure adequate adoption.

    Support that empowers your analytics ecosystem

    Get around-the-clock support on security, administration, governance, licensing, and deployment for better adoption

    • Integration & implementationWant to integrate Power BI beyond the usual data sources or with custom APIs?
    • Data management & migration supportGet smooth transition to Power BI without any compatibility and data architecture issues
    • Change Management & optimizationPrevent failure of your analytics and BI project! Ensure you take the right steps during implementation
    For intelligent and scalable visualizations

    Not everyone who creates a report are Power BI experts.

    True experts can guide you with:

    • Selecting the right licensing
    • Ensuring data flows to collect and transform the data
    • Keeping data sources connected for effective data transfer
    • Showcasing the right KPIs in the right way, and more.
    • Optimized platform experience
      Optimized platform experience
      From proper encryption and security to following Power BI best practices, get guidance from PL-300 experts
    • Integration capabilites
      Integration capabilites
      Integrate with CRM, ERP, 3rd party data sources, ADF, Azure ML, or any other sources with custom connectors
    • Migration support
      Migration support
      Ensure ROI for your Business intelligence tools with the right migration capabilities
    Data storytelling with BI
    Master the art of data storytelling with BI

    Understand the psychology behind creation of stories and the key to choosing the right type of visualization! This guide is must-read for any one starting with BI or visualization!

    Featured insights

    Our Microsoft Power BI support plan is when you need answers or are troubleshooting for technical issues or want more out of your Power BI. We recommend our support plan to help you get help quickly to minimize downtime and maintain productivity. If you have a specific project or goal in mind, with defined needs and timeframes, or if you need a proposal for a new project, then our consulting services would be a good fit.

    Yes, with Power BI, you can connect to the services such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Analytics, etc. or with connectors like Power Apps, Power Automate, etc.

    With Microsoft Fabric/OneLake in the picture now, you can connect with other Microsoft applications seamlessly in the same platform without connectors. This can help you provide access to an extensive range of deeply integrated analytics in the industry.

    In Power BI, Copilot can provide a summary of your dataset and an outline of suggested pages for your report. This can be a good starting point to base your analysis on. The limitation is that the workspace has to be running on F64 or Premium capacity, to access Copilot for the Power BI service. If you want to know more about getting started with Co-pilot or how you can access it, please drop us a message.

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