Master Data Management
    Elevate Insights with Flawless Master Data Management

    By harmonizing and cleansing your data streams, MDM paves the way for sharper analytics, enabling you to make informed decisions with unparalleled precision. Embrace the future of decision-making and fuel your business growth with the untapped potential of MDM.


    Of organizations believe that poor data quality impacts their ability to make informed decisions.


    Is the cost that businesses incur annually because of having poor data quality.


    ROI on initial investment for organizations that invest in Master Data Management (MDM) solution.

    Architecting an integrated MDM strategy for organizations
    MDM architecture
    Our 5-Step Approach to infallible MDM Process

    Discover the potential of heightened decision-making with our MDM acumen - where practical refinement and data integrity converge.

    Our 5-Step Approach to infallible MDM Process
    Assessment & Blueprint

    Initiate by comprehensively assessing existing data sources and business needs, forming the foundation for a tailored MDM strategy.

    Data Profiling & Refinement

    Employ advanced data profiling techniques to identify anomalies, redundancies, and inconsistencies, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

    Integration & Uniformity

    Seamlessly merge data from various sources into a centralized repository, standardizing attributes and structures to establish a unified data landscape.

    Governance & Confidentiality

    Enforce stringent governance measures, specifying accountability, access controls, and data lifecycle management, preserving data sanctity.

    Continuous Enhancement

    Establish a proactive monitoring framework to detect evolving data challenges, perpetually enhancing MDM methodologies for sustained data quality.

    Unveiling Data's Hidden Potential with Comprehensive MDM.
    True Data
    80% of the business value is created below the surface and MDM sets up the foundation.
    • Data Profiling
    • Governance
    • Quality Control
    • Data Cleansing
    • Standardization
    • Data Enrichment
    • Integration
    • Data Lineage
    • Data Mapping
    Our MDM services to set your data foundation right!
    • MDM Consulting
    • MDM Implementation
    • Maintenance & Support

    Tailored guidance for developing a clear roadmap to maximize the value of your core data, optimizing its role in decision-making and business growth.

    • Strategic data assessment
    • Roadmap and planning
    • Data governance guidance
    • Master data strategy
    • Ongoing MDM advisory
    MDM Consulting

    Practical solutions to safeguard your data's accuracy and consistency, ensuring reliable insights and actions based on trustworthy information.

    • Assessment & strategy development
    • Data profiling & integration
    • Setting up checks & validations
    • Master data modeling & creation
    • Anomaly detection and prevention
    MDM Implementation

    Streamlined support processes and methodologies to elevate the overall quality of your data, enabling more confident and effective business operations.

    • Continual data upkeep
    • Standardizing processes
    • Digitizing workflows
    • Operational insights & analytics dashboards
    • Data resolution & quality assurance
    Maintenance & Support
    Wondering How Poor MDM Could Affect You? Does any of this sound familiar
    • Data silos stifling insights.
    • Inaccurate analytics leading to risky moves.
    • Compliance issues creep-ups.
    • Customer/business dissatisfaction surges.
    • Operational inefficiencies rise.
    MDM Could Affect
    Technologies Used
    Client Success Stories
    Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView

    For our extra-ordinary implementation effort and extensive support - Polestar was awarded the Best vendor by the group.

    The QlikView implementation provided has been so effective that they are contemplating extending it to other functions like Aero, Cargo, SPG & Operations.

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    • 3X

      User adoption

    • 98%

      Improvement in system performance

    • 2.4M

      Overall saving in operational expense

    Multi Brand Electrical Equipment Company Optimizes Data Management & Automates Reporting

    We helped the Consumer Electrical giant optimize MDM and storage along with automated reports and dashboards to fuel the decision-making and to achieve process efficiency.

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    • 99.5%

      Reduced time in report Generation

    • 150+

      Perona-specific dashboards created

    • Auto-emailers

      With set frequencies with business reports


    Master Data Management (MDM) can be highly useful for your organization by sharing master data across various applications and ensuring consistency. It helps eliminate inaccurate or duplicate records, maintains reference data consistency, and manages hierarchies and relationships within the business. The business benefits include streamlined processes, improved decision-making, and faster speed-to-revenue.

    MDM and data quality are closely intertwined. Data quality acts as the building blocks for an effective MDM program. If the data itself is not of high quality, the potential benefits of MDM may not be fully realized. By focusing on data cleansing and standardization, organizations can prevent poor-quality data from entering the system and avoid unnecessary rework. Prioritizing data quality can also uncover underlying flaws and root causes, leading to better MDM implementation and value transmission.

    While MDM initiatives encompass linking internal relationships, Single Customer View (SCV) focuses on presenting a unified and consistent perspective of customer data throughout the organization. SCV is an outcome that can be achieved through MDM, but they are not identical.

    Although stack solutions for comprehensive data management are typically aimed at large enterprises, small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) have the option to implement MDM in a modular manner. Starting with data quality solutions, SMBs can gradually integrate different components that fit their needs. Beginning with steps like data cleansing and profiling allows for a focused approach to MDM implementation.

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