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Data Lake Services

Data lake services

Data lake services help you build an efficient data management platform that is robust, secure & scalable.

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Despite knowing the vast potential that every piece of information presents for an organization they often struggle to maintain the data quality & quantity simultaneously. Data professionals need infrastructure that eliminates this disparity and incompatibility of legacy data storage systems. A Data Lake is the answer to that.

A data lake empowers you to experiment with the data that your business stakeholders haven’t found the need for. As part of our Data Lake Services, we help you set up a cost-effective storage platform, eliminating the need to let go of the unstructured or unknown data sets hence expanding the possibilities to innovate.

Our team of Data Lake Experts is composed of data scientists, consultants, engineers & analysts who have helped organizations in streamlining the data discovery, insights delivery and administration of Data Lake platforms like Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, Hadoop, Google Cloud & AWS. We deliver solutions that have strict adherence to all the security and privacy measures to safeguard your data.

Data Lake Services We Offer

Data Lake Strategy & Consulting1
Data Lake Strategy & Consulting
  • Assessment of Data Sources and existing Infrastructure
  • Data Integration, Accessibility & Migration Requirements
  • Data Warehouse Workload Estimation & Costing
  • DWH Platforms & Tech-stack - On premise, Cloud or Hybrid
Data Lake Development
Data Lake Development
  • Conceptualizing a Data Model based on business Objectives
  • Identification & Extraction from Data Sources (E)
  • Data Cleaning and Transformation to improve quality (T)
  • Loading the data into a centralized repository (L)
DWH Optimization
DWH Optimization
  • Diagnostics Report of the existing DWH Setup
  • Resolving Modeling issues to improve query response time
  • Enabling best practices for Data Management
  • Data Cube and Marts assessment

Client Success Stories

Consumer Electronics Giant Streamlined Warehouse Management For Unrivalled Efficiency And Profitability
Consumer Electronics Giant Streamlined Warehouse Management For Unrivalled Efficiency And Profitability

Leading businesses stay relevant through incremental improvement in their processes. This century-old Consumer Electronics company had a knack for evolving with the market.

Global Alcoholic Beverages Firm Resolves Sales Data Challenges With Microsoft Azure And Power BI Stack
Global Alcoholic Beverages Firm Resolves Sales Data Challenges With Microsoft Azure And Power BI Stack

Our client is a leading beverage multi-national, famous for some iconic alcoholic labels & brands. The Indian division of the company was facing difficulties in data accumulation...

Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView
Airport Concessionaire Optimizes Data Management With QlikView

Our client is India’s Largest Airport Concessionaire. They strive to provide world-class infrastructure & facilities. To meet the customer’s requirements more effectively...


Data Warehousing Technologies we work on

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Frequently Asked Questions

With well-designed and scalable Data Lake solutions, you can meet big data challenges and drive to a higher level of real-time analytics. With Data Lake you can have massive, fast, secure, and accessible storage which gives the user durability and accessibility of storage.

Data Lake benefits for an organization are enormous, they can be used by data scientists when analytical and predictive insights are needed from the data. Data Lakes are also used when you have structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data from various sources.

Choosing a Data Lake Management Platform can be very vital for your business’s present and future needs, which involves various parameters. Our Data Lake experts help you choose the best Data lake services after preliminary analysis and discussion in our Discovery workshops.

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