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Cloudera Partner Company

Cloudera partner company

Helping you to leverage all kinds of enterprise data- streaming, call log, sentiment and social media from external sources and internal ones

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There is so much data today that businesses are collecting. But this data fails to convert into tangible business insights. The massive uptick in the volume, variety and veracity of data tends to overwhelm the traditional platforms.

Apache Hadoop is a smart platform for your data that allows you to process, analyze and derive business intelligence from your data in any format, and in any quantity - and free from any rigid schemas. The parallel processing of operations allows you to perform intensive operations quickly and flexibly, scale and integrate seamlessly with the databases of your choice.

Cloudera is the leader in open Hadoop-based big data systems - helping you to leverage all kinds of enterprise data - streaming, call log, sentiment and social media — from external sources and internal ones, on premises and in the cloud to promote machine learning and AI initiatives

Cloudera Value Chain

We are partners with Cloudera, and through our expertise and offerings on the end-to end data pipeline, we help customers maximize the potential of their data, accelerate their data democratization through any analytic workload from the Edge to AI, and drive even more value from their data in the cloud. We have delivered successful solutions to leading Fortune 500 companies, unicorns and small and medium enterprises.

Our in-house solution accelerators and industry specific frameworks help to maximize your data potential with quick turnaround and deliver insights to help you make more effective outreach to your customers, capitalize on market opportunities faster, streamline your operations and design innovative products

Cloudera Value Chain

Why Choose Polestar

Strong Consulting Approach
Strong Consulting Approach

We strongly believe in being business enablers for enterprises and we deliver solutions that help our customers unbox extra value from technology.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

We ensure highest-quality standards with multiple rounds of quality checks via code reviews, testing and globally benchmarked best practices.

Deep Domain Expertise
Deep Domain Expertise

We have deep subject matter expertise in relevant industry challenges and have delivered world-class solutions to top enterprises worldwide.

Quick Turnaround
Quick Turnaround

Our solutions are delivered within the Agile framework to address evolving business needs and reducing the time-to-respond to key business scenarios.

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