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Planning and Data Analytics Solutions for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Planning & analytics solutions for pharma

Improve sourcing, distribution, quality & compliance adherence with data-led planning and analytics

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Remedy your business data management woes with a winning digital-first strategy.

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences are closely tied to our social DNA for generations. They directly impact the living standards and survival of mankind. Hence, it is often at a cross-section where it requires production at speed along with stringent but necessary regulatory and compliance requirements. That is why these industries require experts not just from the pharmaceutical or life sciences domain but also from the technology field to fuel the next phase of innovation.

We help you develop technology solutions that feed on your data to solve complex challenges and augment your business capacity.

01 Supply & Distribution Management

Maintaining an ideal storage condition and holding of the drug is key for pharma and life sciences companies. But with an increasingly competitive & complex distribution network, a reliable technology solution is important to transparent monitoring and coordination with the vendor networks.

  • Vendor performance scorecards for objective raw material sourcing decisions
  • Consignment handling and damages report for better cost utilization
  • Geographical report for existing market evaluation & expansion scope
  • Analysis of reverse logistics and root causes to avoid future occurrences

02 Production & budget Planning

This industry is characterized by a volatile demand regarding seasonal infections or un-announced diseases, which could have a localized or a broader impact. The recent advancements and changes in consumption patterns require pharma and life sciences firms to reinvent and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Demand forecasting for timely inventory replenishment
  • Capacity planning basis the demand-supply pull
  • Scheduling and tracking of cost associated and budgetary obligations
  • Incorporating IoT data for equipment efficiency and eliminating downtime risks
  • Analysis of overheads, R&D, indirect costs for robust financial planning

03 Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

These industries are highly fragmented and competition comes in different variations in terms of generic drugs to APIs to stringent and varying governance protocols for countries. A data-driven approach to aiding and enabling the field force, keeping them motivated, and gauging the market forces to embrace a multi-channel marketing approach is of paramount importance.

  • Territory-wise sales quota allocation linked to regional demands
  • Transparent incentive and compensation planning for the field force
  • Effective store placements and sales campaign execution
  • Trends and sentiment analysis to monitor marketing channel efficacy
  • Social & Search Engine Listening to capture patient data of interest

04 Quality and Compliance Adherence

Well in an industry where people’s lives depend on its product quality and potency, the stakes for safety measures and their adherence couldn’t be any higher. Keeping up with the protocols and delivering on such high standards demand technology intervention to make life easier for our experts like researchers, biotechnologists, and doctors.

  • Analysis of raw material data with production batches to report trends
  • Analysis of clinical data to spot trends and expedite drug discovery
  • Benchmarking industry standards and creating guidelines for adherence
  • Maintaining and reporting quality logs in tune with regulatory norms

Leverage our Services to Resolve key Pharma and Life Sciences Challenges

We enable enterprises in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry to deploy technology solutions to unearth hidden answers to some key challenges like

The monthly demands and sales projections help with deciding the stocks of finished goods and raw materials. It further helps with gauging the territory-wise customer trends and offer more focussed and targeted SKUs. A thorough analysis of primary, secondary and tertiary sales data further gives insight into the effectiveness of sales promotion or marketing campaigns.

A fair and rewarding Incentive and compensation plan (ICM) can help you retain and motivate the field force. The pharma industry is heavily reliant on its field force and hence sees a lot of flux in terms of talent. It requires to be more strategic than simply tying successful sales with bonuses. A healthy competition along with team collaboration is the way forward. We help you devise a healthy ICM for your salesforce.

With multiple channels, partners, contract employees and different categories of transactions (B2B, B2B2C and B2C) happening, the financial consolidation in this industry is very cumbersome. It requires succinctly defining the master data then capturing and cleaning the information. The strict regulation and ad-hoc reporting ask by the governing bodies make it an uphill task. We help you set up a proven FP&A practice.

Our Services For Pharma & Life sciences Industry

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Brainstorming sessions with our techno functional experts to help you choose the right technology platform for capturing your clinical data, R&D and commercials data. The output is futuristic recommendations of your technology needs.

Discover your data needs
Data Management

Data Management

Robust & Secure commercial and clinical trial data management and governance is the first step towards a digital-first culture. We deliver custom fit solutions to account for your immediate and future data storage requirements.

Manage your data effectively
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

A drug development firm needs to assess data from manufacturing to patient trials to supply and market demand trends. However, it only stays in silos, thereby limiting its utility. Our experts help you unlock the true potential of your data with near-real-time insights.

Get Analytics services
Business Planning

Business Planning

At a time when consumers are spoilt for choices, agile scenario modelling and business planning have emerged as critical business enablers. We help you mitigate the risks involved with demand fluctuations.

Plan your business today
Client Success Stories
Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan
Global Pharma Giant Reinvented Financial Budgeting & Business Processes With Anaplan

The delivered Anaplan Solution helps the decision-makers to run multiple scenarios and opt for what's best for the business. Tasks like fluctuations across prices, customer mix, workers compensation, fuel costs, etc could be done by changing the values & drivers. All of it can be done within a single platform.

  • 100%

    Elimination of redundant processes and manual errors

  • (T-1)

    Variance reporting achieved with Anaplan

  • 80%

    Reduction in time taken for financial consolidation

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