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anaplan for supply chain network optimization
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Leverage Anaplan for Supply Chain to Accelerate Your Business Performance

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The ability to create a robust and agile supply chain plan has never been more important to drive an organization’s success, given the nature of constantly changing customer needs. This calls for unprecedented insights into what once might have been siloed areas such as finance, marketing & sales. As modern supply chains become fast-paced, dynamic, and increasingly complex, it is difficult for supply chain leaders to make optimal decisions in a data vacuum. If a focus on responding quickly to shifts in customer needs and demands and model-based decision support sounds like an ideal fit for your business, Anaplan may prove a good choice.

Anaplan in a Nutshell

Anaplan is a cloud-powered platform that takes a holistic approach to supply chain management by providing real-time visibility, enabling collaborative sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes, and facilitating organizations to forecast & drive demand.

It can be integrated with planning systems, ERPs, and CRMs using APIs and pre-built connectors to orchestrate insights into actionable business plans. The robust connected planning platform applies hyper scale computing across multiple aspects of planning that includes Supply Planning, Demand Planning, and Sales & Operations.

Anaplan simplifying your business supply chain network - Infographic Image

Supply Planning

Find the best way for the organization to fulfill the Demand Planning needs. Utilizing a Single Source of Truth, supply planning enables precise delivery projections and pinpoints crucial signals.

Demand Planning

With demand planning, you can create accurate estimates based on key business drivers with the help of demand planning. For predicting customer demand, use historical trends, comparable products, and estimates. Learn about market fluctuations and the stages of a product's life cycle. Among other things, these insights are crucial to workforce planning as well.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Achieve the best possible financial outcomes by balancing product supply and demand. The organization can make better decisions by using relevant facts and accurate forecasts.

Harnessing Anaplan for Supply Chain: Capturing the Benefits

As a web-based enterprise platform for business planning, Anaplan prides itself in its ability to save companies valuable time and resources by eliminating static, linear decision-making processes and delivering quick data and analysis for smart decision-making.

Anaplan incorporates what-if scenario planning to ensure accurate forecasting and end-to-end visibility across the entire supply chain network. At the cornerstone of business success is a simple yet effective formula - supply should cater to demand. Despite how simple the formula sounds, solving it isn’t always easy.

The cloud-driven SaaS platform provides the ability to create synergy and collaboration with all relevant parties within your organization.

Want to accelerate your business performance with Anaplan Supply Chain Planning?

Learn more about how Polestar Solutions can help you optimize your supply chain processes and unlock new levels of efficiency and profitability.

Let’s see how Anaplan transforms your business operations and gives your supply chain organization a competitive advantage:

Connected Planning: A lot of organizations in the past have spent years developing complex planning processes using spreadsheets, and they are unable to reinvent such processes on a cloud platform that will require massive transformation. The technology behind Anaplan makes it simple to connect many planning spreadsheets into a unified, cohesive system that is instantly updated across the entire paradigm, allowing for a speedy deployment of these existing processes.

It uses supply chain analytics, aligns operational planning with your financial performance, and results in increased visibility, smart decision-making, and enhanced performance.

Before and after state of anaplan supply chain planning implementations - Infographic Image

Scenario Planning: Scenario Planning is crucial to the sales and operational planning process, and the Anaplan platform makes it easy to post what-ifs in the S&OP process. The Anaplan platform can run a range of scenarios, from long-term strategies to more tactical "what-if" queries. In the end, the goal is always to minimize risk and understand what pros and cons of a variety of changes.

You can perform simple scenarios, like adjusting your inventory and challenging ones or onboarding a new supplier. With Anaplan's S&OP capabilities, it is feasible to combine supply chain, financial, and any other plans in each situation so that it is evident how decisions will affect every aspect of the business.

Anaplan has nailed scenario planning with the right blend of advanced technology, including memory processing and the utilization of multi-dimensional data arrays, and much more.

Seamless optimization: Anaplan excels in supply planning in two major areas: inventory optimization and supply network optimization. Understanding where to put goods along the supply chain to save costs and boost efficiency is the key challenge of inventory optimization.

The Anaplan platform aligned with the Optimizer engines makes decision-making easy for organizations. In order to show supply chain professionals exactly how much inventory to have at each location in order to meet the customer's required service levels, the optimizer engine incorporates all relevant factors into the equation, such as service levels, lead times, changes in demand, customer commitments, and supply reliability.

Thousands of SKUs, production facilities, factories, and distribution hubs must be considered while decision-making, and this is the key issue of supply network optimization.

Reduced waste, improved service levels, and customer satisfaction are all results of being able to meet global demand in the most effective way - thanks to the Anaplan platform and Optimizer engine.

Looking to accelerate your supply chain and drive business performance?

Discover how Anaplan can help transform your operations. Check out Polestar Solutions' Anaplan technology page to learn more.

Simplified promotions: For trade promotion planning and new product launch, Anaplan for demand planning makes a considerable difference. The Anaplan platform makes it simple to manage promotion budgets for trade promotions, collaborate on plans at both the aggregate and detail levels, and add promotions, campaigns, and goods as your strategies change.

Promoters have the flexibility to modify models and computations using the Anaplan platform as the market shifts. Anaplan for demand planning makes it possible for promotion planners to cooperate easily with clients and distributors to produce precise demand estimates and budgets for new product launches.

By combining data from important stakeholders in marketing, sales, operations, and supply chain, new product launches are transformed into collaborative endeavors.

Wrapping Up

From S&OP to demand and supply planning, discover how supply chain professionals can transform businesses by making value-based, collaborative decisions at the speed of business using Anaplan.

With rapid Anaplan implementation, certified Anaplan model builders at Polestar Solutions connect the right data, people, and processes to empower agility, productivity, and collaboration for your supply chain planning.

Looking to add strategic advantage to your supply chain?

Get in Touch with our Anaplan experts to unleash greater visibility and bring business transformation with smart decision-making on the cloud.

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