Automate AI And ML Efforts For Enhanced Business DNA With DataRobot

    From Raw Data to AI at Speed

    A recent NASSCOM survey found that 60% of enterprise executives believe that investments in AI are a priority, & 45% want to use the technology for strategic decision-making, but only 20% believe they have done so successfully. The laggards cite a shortage of talent, complex workflow, and lack of business expertise within the data science team as key challenges.

    DataRobot's, Auto ML capabilities can simplify and automate the entire AI workflow & bring insights to the users at their fingertips.

    Automated ML enables more of your staff to build AI speedily, and helps you to scale your project effectively. It gives explanations for why it made specific decisions & what parameters were prioritized.

    What's more? MLOps helps you to monitor your models (internal & external) in one place.

    In this webinar, where data science experts from Polestar Solutions & DataRobot will showcase a demo using a series of real-world business datasets.

    Any Challenges ?
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    Saurabh SinghSenior Vice President, Polestar Solutions
    Thakur Raj AnandHead, Data Science Practice, DataRobot
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