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Anaplan Cashflow Management Solution

Market volatility is seeing a swing in exchange rates and global currency changes which is having a ripple effect on entire business operations. Customers are sticking to spends on necessary items only, leading to falling demand across various categories or in some case an irregular spike, disrupting the operations. For most enterprises across the globe, revenues and collections are down while expenses are mounting.

They have turned to technology to protect their employees, customers, supply chains and finances as the need for agility is more felt during this time.

Anaplan’s Cashflow Management Solution enables agile & resilient business planning by channeling all your data, lying across departments to:

  • Manage cash flows by amending assumptions to model different scenarios.
  • Forecast & plan outside of regular cycles - more cycles, more scenarios.
  • Anticipate & plan your workforce in the new normal.
  • Prepare to make decisions on spending - stop / advance / postpone / modify.
  • Plan both near-term cashflows & longer-term strategic cash.
Anaplan Cashflow Management Solution
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