How To Use Process Intelligence To Build Resiliency Into Your Business

    In a pandemic stricken world, where the pressure on every business is on optimizing costs, it becomes imperative to have visibility into your business processes - Manual or Automated. Imagine if you were able to pinpoint the nodes contributing to a decreased bottom line or an increased TAT, then perform Reiki on it and control outcomes as desired.

    Our team joined hands with the folks at Inphinity to figure out a solution to this and collaboratively we bring to you a webinar on 'Importance of Process Intelligence'.

    We heard your concerns:

    🔒 How do we write back data from Qlik Sense directly to a database?

    🔒 How do we visualize decomposition trees to understand the process flow?

    🔒 How do we analyze non-linear flows and their impacts?

    🔒 Above all, how do we make Qlik Sense into an engine that enables actionable insights?

    Now, we bring to you a live analytics application:

    🔑 To visualize the entire business process flow.

    🔑 Analyze outcomes and their correlated impact on your business.

    🔑 Pinpoint the nodes of the process impacting the process and *wait for it* take an action then and there- All from within Qlik Sense.

    🔑 Write back comments/ Make adjustments from your Analytics engine directly to a database.

    Any Challenges ?
    Our Industry Experts can solve your problem.
    Varun GargSenior Vice President, Polestar Solutions
    Sean Price Senior VP - Industry Solutions, Infinity
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