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HR & Workforce Analytics

HR & Workforce Analytics

Drive data-driven workforce planning, strategy, and decision-making

You have the power to transform your hire-to-retire processes and get better ROI for Workforce analytics decisions!

Improved recruitment

Data-driven HR practices can improve recruitment success by more than 8%

Increased Profitability

Companies using HR analytics are 2.5x more likely to be top performers in profitability

Develop analytics competency

2% of HR organizations have mature people analytics competence to bank on

HR & Workforce analytics services

Realize the potential of your workforce by using the power of data-backed insights

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Right from identifying and retrieving data from multiple sources to transforming, analyzing, and reporting data, we help organizations remove the guesswork from their decision-making.

Empower stakeholders to answer all workforce-related questions easily and uncover hidden trends. Leverage statistical analysis to assess risks and opportunities around financial, demographic, cultural, performance, motivation, and more.

Want the right people at the right time in the right roles? Then we can help you evaluate your workforce to create an optimal workforce mix that aligns with your strategic and financial goals, determine target talent management, and assess your supply-demand talent gap.


On the lookout for a plug-and-play Workforce Analytics setup without extensive timelines? Then Workforce 360o is for you!

  • Detailed Plug and Play dashboards
  • Scalable and Flexible solution
  • High-level analytics assets
  • Shorter turnaround time
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Featured Case Study
Improved Workforce Planning with Anaplan

For a leading services conglomerate with a presence across India and US, we helped bring their disparate and disconnected planning into a centralized repository and automated flow of data.

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  • 100%

    Reduction in manual errors

  • 80%

    Reduction in lost opportunities

  • 20+

    Excel reports automated with Anaplan

Frequently asked questions about Workforce Analytics

Workforce 360o is an easy-to-deploy AI-based intuitive workforce analytics solution that provides real-time visibility into the organizational workforce for quick and in-depth insights. You can eliminate repetitive and redundant steps in your workforce planning process to make it seamless, intuitive, and scalable with this.

Despite 71% of companies believing that People Analytics is a high priority at their organization, only 9% have a good understanding of the talent dimensions that drive performance, and most importantly just 8% of the organizations have usable data.

Workforce Planning & Analytics is an umbrella term that refers to the evaluation and analysis of an organization’s talent needs. It is about identifying the underlying gaps and determining initiatives to support all the functions from hiring to retiring.

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