CHRO Strategies: Workforce Planning Effective guide for integrating Finance & HR

    CHRO Office or the Human Resources department was the indispensable leader during crisis, especially when intensified challenges like the pandemic caused disruptions in the workforce. And one of the core activities of this key function is workforce planning

    But 64% of heads of recruiting have difficulty acquiring talent to support a change in strategy and they want to know how to support their strategy better.

    This eBook is to give an overview about the foundation that supports the CHRO office: Workforce planning.

    This eBook talks about:

    • Digital Age HR challenges
    • The bridge connecting people to business: CHRO Office
    • Understanding what the CEO wants
    • Special Note: Integrating workforce planning with Finance
    • Introducing to the components of Workforce planning
    • Integrated workforce planning to tackle the messy middle
    • Blue print of Integrated workforce planning
    • Effective workplace strategy with Anaplan
    • Checklist for Workforce Planning
    • Use cases and examples

    If you are looking for a Blue print about where to start or grow your workforce planning, this is for you.


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