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COE-Center of Excellence

Data & Analytics Center of Excellence

At Polestar Solutions we help our customers build new solutions and digital assets in our Data and Analytics Center of Excellence to keep them ahead of the curve.

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Faced with recent challenges due to worldwide pandemic, most of the organizations were forced to rethink their strategies for sustainable growth, innovation and business continuity. It also reaffirmed the need to focus on Digital Transformation. Along these lines, organizations tend to realize that data-driven business models are going to play a pivotal role.

There are organizations who embraced digital and data-led innovation to its core. The part of the package also accompanied the dire need to establish a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Data & Analytics. The discernment is grounded. A CoE is the answer to the few skeptical questions - how to drive org-wide data-led innovation? How will it be governed? Are there individuals who can standardize and harmonize people, process and technology when it comes to data and analytics?

To this juncture, it stands to reason to delve a little deeper around those drivers or needs that lead organizations to yearn for a CoE.

Indicators that determine the need to set up BI and analytics CoE

  • Poor implementations of analytics causing low trust on data
  • Limited adoption of BI and analytics solutions/platforms
  • Speed to market
  • Multiple versions of truth leading to the age old argument 'My data Vs your data'
  • Push from Management to be more data driven right to the grass root level
  • Harmonization of platforms used across the organization to analyze data
  • Driving org wide innovation powered by data
  • Implementing corporate governance strategies
  • Discover ways to transform operations, products, markets and eradicate operational redundancies and obstacles

Polestar Solutions: Analytics CoE as a service offerings

We help you build a CoE by augmenting your team with our Architects, model builders and Data Scientists. We have created our Build Operate-Transfer methodology where we start with building new planning use-cases, operate it in a fully managed mode until you have a team in place to whom we can transfer knowledge & train them for your further operations. With the B-O-T model for Data and Analytics CoE, we traverse the entire lifecycle of the CoE i.e. from the commencement to handover to the learner support.

Analytics CoE

What we do


Our first task is to diagnose your business goals, data landscape, data needs, platforms, and current strategies. With modern data technologies, we explore ways to onboard the technical and business teams. We will now move to shape the CoE with the team members initiated. Key activities include:

  • Set-up the Data & Analytics COE Foundation
  • Building Internal Knowledge Repository for future use
  • Ensuring adherence to the selected project methodologies
  • Knowledge capture planning
  • Establishing forums and platforms for knowledge sharing, conducting PoCs etc.
  • Helping business functions adopt and get on board the COE.
  • Developing use cases

With a foundational set-up of a CoE, our next course of action is ensuring it fires through all engines. We identify new development areas as well as improvement areas within the established foundation. To summarize, as part of the day-to-day operations, we:

  • Ensure adoption of platforms and data solutions by business teams
  • Ensure all project operations align with your project needs and goals on a daily basis
  • Keeping you informed about the progress on a regular basis
  • Ensure that there is reliable Project-related reporting.
  • Enhancement and Data Enrichment Service
  • Help our customers hire right-fit talent targeting the transfer phase

Targeting a self-sufficient and self-sustained mode of operations, we help our customers hire the right talent - in the right numbers based on the CoE's scale and scope - who, eventually would be fully equipped to get the handover of the various aspects of the CoE. Key activities the target to accomplish:

  • Handover to Your resources
  • Continued support
  • Drive business and technical change management while also infusing data literacy to the teams who need to undergo/contribute such programs

Who is it intended for?

Aptness of a Data and Analytics CoE is a multifaceted question. At first, the organizations who deal with large amounts of data and treat data as the crown jewel ought to bring CoE to reality - no sooner than later. CoE is meant to be enabled to all business/ technology stakeholders who deal with data and want to make sense out of it. Among many others, below are a few key roles that would see analytics CoE as an added advantage

Analytics CoE

How we do it?

Key activities and deliverables phase wise
In a bid to establish a fully operational analytics CoE there are deliverables and output generated for each phase. Here's a quick look

The Path to Establishing a CoE

01 Operate
  • Daily operation, administration and management of apps
  • Troubleshooting
  • Incident & Problem Management
  • Ticket Registration and Resolution Support
  • Security Controls & access management
  • Master Data streams and updates
  • Data hub changes
  • Dashboard creations
  • Batch file monitoring
  • Dynamic configurations
  • Data load
02 Transfer
  • Prioritize and Plan the Components of the COB and define its objectives [COE Charter]
  • Establish COE Governance and identify Key Roles and Responsibilities. (Foundation -> Centralize->Scale)
  • Implement service-level metrics and performance measurement procedures and tools
  • Enable Support Capabilities
  • Change Impact Assessment
  • Training and Support
    - Knowledge gather
    - Shadowing/Reverse Shadowing
03 Establish an Internal Knowledge Repository
  • A Centralized Repository of Knowledge
  • This centralized repository can play a very important role in your long-term success especially when it cores to future expansion.
  • A user-friendly experience for end users, maintaining familiarity across organization
  • Certainly that all of your designs adhere with the latest best practices
  • Assurance that only well-tasted development work is present in your production environments
  • Confidence that you are unlocking the full potential of Analytics and Planning across the organization

Governance Strategy

In order to achieve the envision objectives of the CoE it's imperative that an overarching governance mechanism is in place. Here's a snapshot of the governance structure

The Evolution of the COE

Phase 1: Foundation
Phase 1: Foundation
  • Establish your governing body
  • Establish your governance
  • Designate / hire the delivery team
  • Establish the sprint cadence
Phase 2: Centralize
Phase 2: Centralize
  • Establish central responsibilities
  • Establish functional representatives in business
  • Designate a central solutions architect
Phase 3: Scale
Phase 3: Scale
  • Attract attention across the organization
  • Enable widespread planning excellence

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

A strategic initiative aimed at streamlining analytics within an organization. It describes your organization, its processes and services, and the people that will perform the duties that will drive how you manage your analytics solutions. Its main purpose is to identify, develop, and implement cross-functional processes and to leverage the skills and experience of resources in order to gain tangible business benefits.

Polestar Solutions takes a multi-pronged approach to set up and operationalize the analytics CoE. Under the hood we bring together people process technology and governance to give CoE the right shape.

The schedules and timelines are indicative, but will depend on the CoE's scope, size, data diversity, digital maturity and alignment of management stakeholders. Although timelines may vary, the core objective is to be nimble-footed, agile, responsive, and goal-oriented. We prioritize initiatives and projects with an eye to business value and speed-to-value.

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