Big Data
    Make all of your data seamlessly accessible

    Collate your business data whether it's raw, organized or unorganized across multiple cloud vendors to enable a data foundation that enables real-time operational efficiencies, fuels your enterprise with advanced analytics, and supports mission-critical applications & tools while cutting infrastructure costs.

    Polestar Solutions offers big data analytics solutions that provide competitive advantages of a modernized information architecture to ensure you automate and optimize business outcomes effortlessly.

    Our big data consulting services ensure that we deliver a success blueprint that is tailored to your current technology landscape, preferences and objectives. We implement highly scalable and high-performance Big Data analytics applications following an agile framework.

    A Unified Platform of Big Data Services
    Big Data Advisory
    Big Data Advisory
    • Big data implementation strategies & detailed roadmaps
    • Recommendations on data quality management
    • Big data technology architecture
    • Proof of concept
    • Big data governance
    • User adoption strategies
    Data Warehouse and Management
    Data Warehouse and Management
    • Enterprise Data Warehouse / Lake Optimization
    • Big data solution infrastructure
    • Big data extraction and management
    • Data warehouse development
    • Data warehouse management
    • Data warehouse migration
    Big Data Implementation
    Big Data Implementation
    • Big data solution architecture and design
    • ETL development, execution, and management
    • Big data reporting & dashboarding
    • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
    • ETL/ELT set up
    • Setup of big data governance processes
    Big Data Support
    Big Data Support
    • Big data solution administration
    • Data protection from accidental destruction
    • Big data software upgrade and migration
    • Big data backup and recovery
    • Big data security
    • Ad hoc reports
    Accelerating Big Data Transformation with Polestar's Data-Driven Talent
    Data-driven organization

    In this increasingly digitized business world, the amount of data generated is growing exponentially and thus, we exhibit proven capabilities in consolidating large volumes of data generated from various sources into a holistic environment. Our team of professionals believe that every business can become a data-driven business provided an appropriate big data strategy. We help companies’ implement a comprehensive big data strategy and become the go-to source for big data analytics solutions.

    Customer Analytics

    We, at Polestar Solutions, follow a strategic approach to primarily identify the problem by assessing business performance, key goals, and challenges. Then, incorporate analytical algorithms into your production environment to discover new opportunities. Later, we develop analytical algorithms to generate meaningful insights, assess performance of algorithms, and validate the results. By integrating smart & strategic approach, we conquer your most challenging data tasks and deliver tangible outcomes.

    Competitive Advantage

    The more customers you have, the more data you can collect and analyze, and when analyzed with big data tools and predictive analytics helps businesses gain an unbeatable competitive edge. At Polestar Solutions, we assist you in utilizing data intelligence to reduce time, cut down costs on product development & marketing strategies, and optimize assets to outperform your rivals.

    Cost Optimization

    It is expensive to store, process, and analyze big data across the data continuum. With our years of cloud expertise and industry knowledge, we ensure our customers maximize their ROI using cloud platforms. Furthermore, the consultative approach of Polestar Solutions experts help you make right decisions and assure that operational activities do not overshoot budgets.


    If your organization is considering investing in big data analytics, here are some of the ways you may benefit:

    • Improves Decision Making
    • Customer Acquisition And Retention
    • Identification Of Potential Risks
    • Increases Operational Efficiency
    • Risk Management

    Big Data provides a new way to gain insights into the challenges businesses face every day. It can point to numerous business benefits, including more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, better consumer service, competitive advantages, and improved operational efficiency over rivals. Many industries have started moving towards big data analytics, such as - BFSI, Manufacturing, CPG, Pharmaceuticals and life science, real estate, retail, and more.

    The increasing deluge of data is leading enterprises to digitize their business-critical processes. Leading industries should focus on harnessing data to add business value. They can achieve it with the help of implementing Big Data Analytics for faster intelligent decision-making. Having the correct data at the right time will enable good business insights, which will facilitate smart planning & thereby boosts the business performance largely.

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