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Charting the Growth Waters of Revenue Growth Management

Are you seeing signs that your RGM programs and practices are outdated? Looking for a way to understand what the failing patterns and challenges are?

Then, this eBook is for you. In this we talk about:

  • Signs your Revenue growth practices are outdated
  • Patterns of Failing RGM programs
  • Challenges in realizing RGM Potential
  • Revenue Growth Management with 4 Ps

    - Pricing effectiveness and promotions

    - Product Mix and Optimization

    - Trade Promotion optimization

    - Distribution and assortment management

    - Profitability – The additional “P”

  • Harnessing AI effectively to play the game
  • Use Cases of Revenue Growth Management
  • Where to start your RGM journey?
  • How to grow your revenue growth maturity?
  • Sample Architectures

Know all that is needed to start and grow your revenue growth management practices. Get you free copy of the eBook today!

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