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Production planning in manufacturing industry

Throughout the years, manufacturers have been on a quest to improve their operations by increasing productivity, managing their inventory, and optimizing their resource utilization. These are some of the main challenges faced by manufacturers. Many strategies have emerged as solutions to allow manufacturing operations to improve their overall production efficiency.

Production planning and control (or PPC) is defined as a work process that seeks to allocate human resources, raw materials, and equipment/machines in a way that optimizes efficiency. No matter the service or product or the size of the operation, production planning is the best way to ensure resources are utilized appropriately, products and services are high-quality, and nothing goes over budget.

It serves as a guide or a reference and lists down the sequence of activities starting from obtaining the raw materials leading to the delivery of the final product. Having a production plan assists a lot of ways, some of which are listed below-

This Ebook covers the importance of production planning in the manufacturing industry, Problems encountered due to dynamic and uncertain demands, crucial phases of production planning and best practices. You will discover more about how companies are achieving success with production planning and control.

production planning
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